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A Visionary Fine Artist

Multi-talented Tifarah Naava's love story with art has been rekindled. After 14 years away, Tifarah only used her creative talents for film/tv, photography, and branding. She discovered her God-given talent through depression as a pre-teen. She had enjoyed doodling on her classwork, attending art classes on the weekends, and attending college for Visual Communications. Tifarah was lead by her passion and desire to design creatively but to the safer route.  Thou, she strayed away from the canvas in the traditional sense, she continued to design through digital art with graphics. However, after she created the blog docu-series Goddess Revelations in 2016, her love of drawing and painting was truly rekindled. The 2009 Swordlily Designs brand was then reborn as Naava Visionary Studio in 2016.  Over the past two and a half years, Tifarah has slowly been immersing herself back into the process of traditional art that was so cathartic during her childhood. She is continuing to get her groove back, all while allowing her unique style to reemerge.

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