Producer. Creative Director. Actress.

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Our mission is to show the diversity of all forms through film, television, and other multi-media outlets. We will produce reels that will not only enlighten but entertain and create opportunities for those with passion and talent. 

Welcome to HOLOGRAM PRODUCTIONS STUDIO, we desire to work with young, fresh, and new talent, as well as, seasoned creative professionals who have paved the way for the new generation. Blending the old and new is a beautiful, edifying, positive, and effective way to expand. Our company strives to develop positive and constructive relationships to ensure we are current, relevant, and resourceful. We embrace all cultures and nationalities. It will elevate our expertise, work ethic, and vision. A true passion and commitment to make dreams into reality is the framework of this company.

"If opportunity doesn't your own door" ...Milton Berle


About Us

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About Me

Tifarah Naava is a multi-talented creative director, producer, writer, and actress. Over the years, she has developed a strong passion for producing purposeful, fun, creative, and authentic content. This self-proclaimed Texan Peach's natural affinity to the creative arts has led her to different facets; such as interior design, wardrobe styling, art directing, and graphic design.

With each client and project, Tifarah's artistic and leadership instincts have propelled her to great levels of personal success. She honed her craft in the field being hands-on at every step, asking questions when needed, and giving perspective. Graduating with degrees in Graphic Design Multimedia and Business Administration and Management General, she believes in the power of teamwork, flexibility, and preparation.

Tifarah has worked in various capacities on set to expand her knowledge of filmmaking. With time spent in the theater, print modeling, and then working as an extra for 3 years in her free time, she gained a true insight into what the day players experience on set in Atlanta. After 15 years, she aspires to showcase stories to reveal the common human threads of life. Her mission is to remove the stereotypes and broadened the narratives, as well as, provide equality for women and minorities in all functions of the entertainment industry.