Dream beyond the stars,  Dare to be your TRUE self,

 Design with the strength of CHARACTER    &    Discover something new" 

Producer. Creative Director. Actress.

Tifarah Naava is a freelance Creative Director & Assistant Director who is passionate about producing purposeful, effective, creative, and authentic content. This self-proclaimed Texan Peach's natural affinity to the creative arts has lead her to different facets, such as a kitchen & bath/interior designer, wardrobe stylist, set decorator, and graphic designer. With each client and project, Tifarah's creative and leadership instincts have propelled her to great levels of personal success. She honed her craft in the field - being hands-on at every step, asking questions when needed, and giving perspective. She also graduated with degrees in Graphic Design/Multimedia and Business Administration and Management General. Having a performing arts background since the age of 10 which included: theater, dance, gymnastics, extra work for films, and print modeling, Tifarah has evolved into a well-rounded talent. She believes in the power of teamwork, flexibility, and preparation.  

​"My artistic and producing style? It’s simple, authentic, and tenacious with a rebel flare. I’ll do just about anything to make someone's desires come to life, and I promise I won’t give up easily. I want to see people happy, inspired, and enjoying the process because it can be a rough road. I want to make it possible for you to know that I will give you ways to envision your ideas becoming reality and aid in the executing of them. I try to keep it light and focus on effectively producing the moments and results that naturally can occur on set to make the story believable.

Years from now, I want you to look back and not only be proud of the story that was told but thinks back on the experience you endured during the process and believe that that experience was just as rewarding."

It's a feature + interview with Trailblazer Tifarah Naava

Producing Reels. Creating Opportunities.

When her days aren't filled on film, tv, or music video sets, Tifarah lends her personal passions, creativity, and lifestyle to "UNVEILINGNAAVA.COM". A platform originally created in 2011. As a blogger and content creator, you are treated with a personal insight into her every day. It is her personal space to create, share, encourage, and grow. Not just as an artist but as a woman, partner, and friend.

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