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12 Before 40:Zenith of a Decade List

Hey you!

Don't face your 40s with dread, embrace them with your re-discovered self love, power, beauty, wisdom, health, laughter, joy, spontaneity, hope and evolution still intact. Check out this 40 before 40 list: a birthday bucket list for myself.

The truth is another birthday just highlights the fact it’s another year around the sun. I’ve still not found myself in the place I though I would be in my early 20's. That’s not to say I haven’t achieved stuff. I have to give myself credit for surviving a car accidents, health issues, the loss of my 2 dogs Anakin and Bodhi, 2 major heartbreaks goals never a happened but basically not falling apart completely. I have so much to be grateful for. I have incredible friends. A loving family. A career, I get to carve out and create for myself and one that has taken me to some amazing places and helped me do some incredible things. and it's still evolving.

So this week is my 39th birthday and so begins that 12 months towards the big 40. But, who knows where I’ll be by then? Maybe I’ll feel about 40 the way I did about 30. I hope I do.

Nonetheless, I've planned fun, relaxing and intentional thigs this week. Being positive about the next year ahead. So, on that note, I wanted to make the next year meaningful. I’ve seen other people do these kind of lists and I decided what better way to enjoy my 39th year than to set myself a list. I’ve created a 12 before 40: Zenith of a Decade List, which I’m going to share below. It will be 12 things to do over the next 12 months, anything from trying something new to going to new places.

Now I'm not limiting myself to only doing these things once per month. I can do them anytime over the next year. I am also open to adding things as they come along. But the list I've made is a must. I really excited. I plan to document this list not only with pictures but with vlogs for my YouTube channel as well. this will be a great way to recap everything when my 40th birthday has officially arrived.

Oh please subscribe to the channel btw. I discuss Lifestyle, Health, Career, Evolving and Embracing your inner Goddess with Self @UnveilingNaava

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