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My BoHo Chic | Naava Style Guide

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

How would you describe your overall style?

My style is a true mixture of my Texan Bohemian roots accompanied with a dash of Casual Chic Exotic Flare.

Casual Chic - I typically prefer a simple plain t-shirt and a pair of black, grey or blue jean pants with a coordinating and trendy purse. I love a good wifebeater and classic tank tops too. The entire look is very modern and uncluttered with an extra touch of subtle elegance. I'll probably top it off with something western or boho. My everyday look.

Bohemian - The ‘boho’ chic look. Focuses mainly on wild and intricate patterns and exotic textures, inspiration from gypsies and hippies. Kimonos, headwraps and scarves are staples for me. These are my main go to when it comes to casual dressy as well. This is where more of my colorful wardrobe pieces comes in ...outside of my typical blacks, greys, blues and whites.

No matter what is "TRENDY" these are classic staple styles for me. I will always have something like this in my closet no matter what.

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