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Unleashed in 2017

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

It's 12/28/2016, 7:45am to be exact and I'm finally doing one of my main goals for 2017...writing this blog post. I'm not a writer at all. I completely suck at writing. My sentence structure and etc will be horrible. So, I apologize now for those of you who will be offended not only by the things I might write about or say but for my lack of writing skills. I'm challenging myself in so many ways... now that I'm well into my mid 30's. There is a new level of fearlessness that has ascend with in me in the last few years that is completely different from my youth...meaning my teen and in my 20's should I say... and I am finding myself flowing with that fearlessness more and more. So, with this new found "courage" I suppose, I have decided to "UNLEASH" myself with no care of others opinions and concerns. Writing this blog I believe will eventually assist me in becoming, not only a better writer but a communicator. I think this to be, an investment, to develop those things that I am weaker in. I will learn to articulate my feelings, thoughts, agendas and etc in a more effective way. I will become more disciplined in certain areas that I am not and I will be able to chronicle my life through this blog. I will be able to reflect. Those are but a few things I can foresee, however, I know there is so much unseen that I will gain and I am fearlessly awaiting them all. I am determine to allow this fearlessness of this season in my life to Unleash me in 2017.

Carpe Diem in Faith!

Liger Goddess x<3

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