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My First Week Blogging

Well, it's only been 7 days since I have officially started blogging, rebranded and relaunched my personal site.

The biggest struggle wasn't my writing skills because I already knew I suck when it comes to my sentence structure and the occasional misspelled words. That will be a work in progress for me and that is one of the main reasons I wanted to do this blog. But the real struggle was my overall style, identity and design for my blog/site.

As a creative mind, I often say that it is a self induced WarZone. Creative minds are typically better at designing for others than themselves. I have to admit I struggle with this from time to time. However, rebranding and doing a blog put me in a captive state. I knew certain things clearly and the other 75% I was stuck. But the need to do this by myself for myself was so dominant. I still have this area of not truly asking for help when I know I need it. I didn't want to bother others with my manic weakness. I looked to the internet for help but it only frustrated me further. I knew what I wanted and that wasn't it. Everything looked the same to me and the trendy layouts, it's what works and what's considered the standard function style. You see deep down I know this to be true, I get it, but I don't want it for myself. Not for me. How is it possible that I know myself but I can't create/design it as a blog, ugh!

Then suddenly I had an unexpected text from a person who not only inspires me but is becoming a good friend. He was able to give me the creative and business constructive criticism that I needed at the right time. In our conversation I realized that I wasn't allowing myself to really be "unleashed and free" as I said I was determined to do this year. I realized that because of that, it was hindering me. That little fear that was still there was blocking my creative expression and decisions. I need help to find the structure and chaos that I love in my artistic style and personality. He encouraged me to let another creative mind assist me creatively.

Now, that I have found clarity to embrace and accept that there is still some fear within me I was able to make some decisions. I hired another graphic designer and decided to write blogs this month that introduced Tifarah Naava and all her nuances. It is what it is. And what matters the most is to keep my focus on the fact that...this blog is for me and not to become "blogger famous or etc". This was about Freedom for me and I can't break that vow to myself. To look back a year later and still have the agony of should haves, could haves and would haves was unacceptable.

P.S. Thank you Mr. Reese for your support and being my creative business advisor!


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