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17 Passport Stamps

I love traveling. When I was younger, I was blessed with parents who had friends and family scattered across the USA. From east coast to west, north to south. Therefore, we traveled often. Thou, I never went abroad, Hawaii was the furthest I have been and I will be heading back there soon. But I want to expand my travel experience. Therefore, I made a list of all the places I want to go and gave myself a time frame to work with. 17 passport stamps in 5 years is the dream and goal. I plan to travel in a way that allows me to visit/tour a few places within one cruises. Then after visiting them I will definitely go back to visit my favorite places for extended stays.

17 Passport stamps List:

1. Canada

a. Vancouver b. Toronto c. Quebec City d. Victoria & Vancouver Island e. Prince Edward Island

2. Central / South America

a. Rio de Janeiro b. Cusco c. Argentine Patagonia d. Costa Rica e. Belize f. Santiago

3. Africa / 4. The Middle East

a. Marrakech b. Dubai c. Cairo d. Luxor e. Cape Town f. Johannesburg g. Serengeti National Park

5. India (Asia)

a. Agra b. New Dehli c. Mumbai

6. England

a. London b. Manchester

7. France

a. Nice b. Paris c. Cannes d. Antibes e. Venice

8. Italy

a. Amalfi Coast ( Province of Salerno) b. Florence d. Sicily e. Milan f. Rome g. Tuscany

9. Japan, 10. China, 11. South Korea ( Asia)

a. Bali b. Tokyo c. Hong Kong d. Seoul e. Bangkok f. Singapore g. Shanghai h. Kyoto

12. Australia

a. Brisbane b. Melbourne c. Sydney

14. Australia / The Pacific

a. Bora Bora b. Gold Coast c. Adelaide d. Fiji e. Great Barrier Reef f. Tahiti g. Queenstown

15. The Caribbean

a. British Virgin Islands b. Turks & Caicos c. Curacao d. Barbados e. Havana f. Bonaire g. St. Kitts & Nevis h. Cayman Islands

16. Mexico

a. Playa del Carmen b. Guadalajara c. Puerto Vallarta d. Cabo San Lucas e. Cancun f. Tulum g. Oaxaca

17. Ireland

a. Dublin b. Aran Islands c. Cooley Peninsula d. Kylemore Abbey e. Ashford Castle (or any of the castle hotels)

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