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Fav Books of 2016 | Tifarah & the Books

My Favorite Books of 2016! It wasn’t easy, because it was a great reading year for me. I have a diverse taste when it comes to reading or just books in general. It will show but here are my Books of 2016. What were some of your favorite reads?

1. "Produced By Faith" by DeVon Franklin

As an aspiring producer, director of photography, art director and actress, I was very excited to get my hands on this book by Mr. DeVon Franklin. Thou, I read this book when it first came out in 2011, I found myself reading it again for the 7th time. It spoke to me on new levels... it was perfect for the season I was in, in 2016. I have a strong moral compass and through my transformation of clarity, it has become my purpose. DeVon discusses his inner and professional struggles with his "inner being and his own moral compass" while on the path of achieving his goals and lifestyle. I could relate to him, felt encouraged and empowered by his journey. He also gives you ways to take your career to the next level, how to stay true to your truth without compromising and etc... This book is an all round great self help book for anyone in any situation.

2. "The Untethered Soul" ( the journey beyond yourself) by Michael A. Singer

Self love and self improvement is always a wise idea. If you are in a place to know your truth, look at yourself and all its glory of strength and weakness then this book is what you need. The book is a companion of sorts, guiding you hand in hand through your inner relationship, helping you uncover the source and fluctuations of your inner being and mind set.

3. " CoCo Chanel - The illustrated world of a fashion icon) by Megan Hess

CoCo Chanel and Illustrations, how could this be a wrong mixture. Megan Hess illustrations are distinctive and elegant and so was CoCo. Not only do I get amazing artwork but I learned more about this one and only CoCo Chanel in this visual story about her life.

4. "Aromatherapy Oil" by Ark Creative

Essential oils have been apart of my life as a child. I have chosen to make them apart of my Lifestyle and this book was perfection. I could carry it around when it was time to stock up or pick up new oils to try. It's very informative, it helped me with my selection for what I wanted to achieve.

5. "City of Heavenly Fire - Immortal Instruments " by Cassandra Clare

I love sci-fi fantasy and have enjoyed this book series from the very beginning. I was looking forward to the conclusion but didn't get a chance to finish this book until last year. If you want a fun, supernatural adventure with all things mystical then you will enjoy this book series. Sometimes you need a read that's just full of imagination, love and hope.

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