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Mirror, Mirror

I hesitate when you look at me

Mirror, Mirror

I don't understand the things I see from you

Mirror, Mirror

I feel enslaved by you

Mirror, Mirror

Is this the best of me

The glow of my medium brown almond shaped eyes brings a smile showing my ivory teeth,

a cute button nose, dimpled chin with kinky curly hair that has a mind of its own,

every scar has it's place and a story to tell, bringing more dimension then just my personality

freckles and moles are a natural constellation, broad shoulders and thick thighs are something I embrace with pride.

No, I'm not designed for supermodel clothes, I have something for someone to hold.

Arcs and Hills from the top of my spine down to my toes are discovered from caresses,

With the lines of my palms and the prints of my finger tips you could research to find more of my identity

easily bruised or marked with passion my golden honey toasted skin gives way

it's sensitive, I've learned to treat it naturally with tender love and care and it will take care of me,

it will beautify me,

and never loose it's potency.

Tattoos on my skin, I guess you know I've sinned but inside I have been born again.

Honey, sugar and oatmeal soothes the dead skin away and earth's unrefined butters nourishes and refines it for another day.

Brand new I seem to be and loving more everything that is artistic about she.

Blushing at the person I see staring back at me,

she's showing me whom she's truly meant to be.

Underneath it all

she was always there.

Completed by agape love and created in the image of heaven.

Heaven is what I see and feel looking back at me.

The wonders of dust, and clay

the textures and materials that cloth me,

I'm still something more beautiful than what you see.

It's constant evolution

widening, thickening, lightening, hardening, softening,

becoming something more define, honest and powerful

for the purpose of giving life and comfort.

Every inch with purpose and meaning.

I am one of the wonders of this world that only through seeking the great I AM can a man find or understand me.

Mirror, Mirror

No longer am I scared of you

Mirror, Mirror,

I'm in Love with the things I see from you

Mirror, Mirror

I am free from you

Mirror, Mirror'

You will never behold my real truth

Mirror, Mirror


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