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What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hey You!

“What makes you feel beautiful?”

I’ve always seen being called beautiful as one of the highest compliments because it’s so rarely handed out. The concept of being “beautiful” has also always been separate from the concept of “beauty” for me. Ideally we see beauty in all sorts of people and things. I do love the idea, however, that someone can feel beautiful simply because there is something in her life or about herself that makes her feel that way. I think that’s a pretty amazing way to think about the concept -- as something that pleases us and who gives a damn what anyone else thinks.

There are more things that are beautiful about me than I ever took the time to notice. And perhaps I should spend a little more time reflecting on what those things are. Because feeling beautiful is so much more important than having someone tell me that I am. As I am learning more and more about my body, what it needs, what looks best and how to improve it, I have been feeling beautiful often. However, it is accepting all these things that I feel there is a glow and confidence that I never experienced before.

Now, I enjoy selecting clothing, skin and body care, hairstyles and etc... that compliment my natural attributes. I love surrounding myself with things and people that contribute to my concept and understanding of beauty. Basically, self love, self worth, support, understanding and etc makes me feel truly BEAUTIFUL!

So, I'm asking what makes you feel BEAUTIFUL!

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