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Landscape Architect turned Fashion Illustrator | Tatiana Poblah

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

I have always been attracted to the lives of artists, designers, architects ...just creatives in general. So, when I came across these wonderful watercolor style illustrations I took notice. I wanted to know who this artist was and more about them. The style was so feminine and strong. They were vibrant and cultured. Then I found her on instagram and I was beaming. Let me introduce you to this amazingly talented, and intelligent woman of Haiti...Fashion Illustrator Tatiana Poblah

tatiana poblah tifarah naava unveling naava


1. Were you named after someone? Not that I know of :) 2. How would you describe your style? Empowering, fashionable, girly 3. What or Who inspired your style? I'm inspired by women who are strong, smart, and beautiful. When I was a kid, my Mom and her friends were all glamorous, strong, educated, and proud women and that image was imprinted on my subconscious. I love women who are feminine and have style, who can be vulnerable yet strong, who are ambitious and know themselves. Those are the types of women who inspire me. 4. What do you want to be known for? I want to be known as an artist and designer, as a business woman, as someone who is kind and who believes in going after and realizing your dreams.

5. When is your favorite time to create and do you have any rituals to help with the process?

I draw or sketch everyday. I always carry a sketchbook or notebook and pen with me so that I can jot things down when I have new ideas. I don't have any rituals, although in the past I did, like sharpening all my pencils, listening to the right music, etc . I realized that the rituals didn't do what was the most important action - putting in the work. Now I draw when it's time to draw - if I'm not inspired, I still draw in order to sharpen my skills. 6. What has been the hardest part of becoming an illustrator? Telling myself I was an artist and that it was ok to not care about my studies or what other people thought. I have a bachelors and masters in Landscape Architecture and thought that I should be practicing because that's what I studied. But my heart was never fully in it. I've been drawing girls for almost 20 years now. I sold at fairs, freelanced as a fashion illustrator, had my own art boutique. I never did it full time though. So last year I decided that I wanted to live off my illustrations and I had to commit to myself in order to honor my decision. I still freelance as a Landscape Architect, but only until I am at the point I want to be financially with my art. 7. What would you tell your younger self when it comes to being an illustrator? Relax. Enjoy. Learn. Smile. I was so anxious (and still am but I've improved so much) when I was younger that I rarely enjoyed the process. Now I know that I'm at the beginning of my career and I have the experience to know that I will only get better with age so I'm super chill about growing as a creative. 8. What is your process when designing/creating for a client?

It's super simple - find out what they expect, let them know what I can offer, come up with a solution. I'm chill to work with (now lol). 9. What are some hardships you have encountered along your journey? I've gone through bouts of depression. Had anxiety for years. Suffered through insomnia (and occasionally continue to do so). I'm a super ambitious and impatient person, two traits that do not work well together :). I've failed many times, gotten back up, and failed again. My path hasn't been straight at all and it's been mostly because of the story I was telling myself. That being said, however, I've also grown immensely as a person and artist. Learned many lessons along the way. Connected with wonderful people who appreciate my work. Been blessed to be able to share my art. And found myself.

10. What have been 3 key points in branding yourself and/or building your client base?

1. Listen to the market and your clients but BE TRUE TO YOURSELF FIRST

2. Put yourself out there. Be persistent

3. Be consistent. This is a point I've learned over the last year. From my personal experience, it is one of the biggest factors in building a client base and reaching your goals.

Follow her on instagram @tatianapoblah/ or visit her site for custom art @

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