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New Black Bags | Steve Madden | Naava Stylebook

For the past 8 years I have been really loving Steve Madden Style...the bags and shoes to be exact. I have an affinity to the simple chic style that he has in his line. Not much for the ones that has an overload with the details. I typically find wonderful bags by Madden at my favorite places to shop which includes: TJMAXX, MARSHALLS, ROSS AND BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY but my ultimate preference is online shopping.

So, after doing my mini wardrobe cleanse ( something I do at the end of every year for the past 7 years)... I wanted to replace some of my essential wardrobe accessories. And as usual I spotted 2 Steve Madden Bags that made my heart skip a beat. I can't wait to use these for my travels, meetings and etc this year. Classic black anything is a must in any wardrobe in my opinion.

Here are my 2 favorite new bags by Steve Madden.

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