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Queen Movement | Jael the Great

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

I had the pleasure of meeting and befriending Jael "The Great" Roberson Reese through her equally talented husband Corey Reese. He and I worked on set a few years back and when it came time to start production on Jael's project he called me. Jael was so sweet, warming, passionate and glamorous. I clearly understood her passion for the performing arts and the desire to help women of all nationalities. I enjoyed working with her and her husband on set. I realized God had answered another prayer by working with them but enough of that. Let's talk more about Jael - The Great.

Ja’el The Great is a professor, life coach, and dynamic motivational speaker who is passionate about spreading the message that “You are Perfect for Your Purpose.” Ja’el The Great’s passionate quest for excellence has propelled her to great levels of personal success. She honed her craft as a life coach and motivational speaker while working as a facilitator for world-famous motivational legend Les Brown at his “How to Become a Millionaire” Workshop. As an actress and singer/songwriter she has worked with some of the greatest talents alive today, including Tyler Perry, Robert Townsend, Kim Fields, Loretta Devine, Jennifer Holiday, Isaac Carree, and Angie Stone. A graduate of Thee Jackson State University, Ja’el “The Great” is a Professor at Spelman College. She has been featured as a keynote speaker for conferences, workshops, and schools across the country.

Below is a quick Q&A I was able to do with Jael.

1. Were you named after someone?

I was named after a character in The Bible in Judges chapter 4 & 5. 2. How would you describe your style? My style depends on how I feel that day. I am into clothing that makes me feel good; be it from a thrift store or a high-end Boutique. 3. What or Who inspired the Queen Movement? This movement was inspired by the love I have for my sister's. Women go through so much in life. It is important to me to speak life and be a light to all those who cross my path. It is also vital that we as women connect and not compete. We need to understand the power of truly coming together in love and accomplishing great feats. 4. What do you want to accomplish with this movement? I just want women to again understanding that they are Queens. I always say when you understand who you are, you make choices based on that. So, if I can help build someone's self-esteem or remind them of their greatness and they in turn do the same for someone else, I feel accomplished.

5. Is this movement only for women of "color"?

This movement is for every woman. We all have a desire to be loved and to be confident. We have a great sense of identity in spite of the color of our skin.

6. What has been the hardest part starting this movement?

Starting it was the easy part. I just want to continue to spread the message and I am thankful for people like you who are helping me to do so. 7. What would you tell your younger self when it comes to the place you are now in life? That is a very good question. I have read several people including Phylicia Rashad talk about what they would tell their younger self. But I honestly do not know. That is something that I will have to think about truly. Hopefully, one day I will be able to come up with an answer as to what I would tell my younger self but right now... I really don't know. 8. You are an actress and singer. What is your process when getting into character and what are the type of projects you have an affinity to? Also, what genre of music inspires you the most?

In preparing for a roll, I just try to understand who that character is to me and just be. The interesting thing is once you get onset you may have a version of how you feel that character is or how they would move etc but the director has a completely different view. So, it is important as an actress to be directable and to be able to be a chameleon.

As far as music, which is actually my first love. I love all genres of music. I am inspired by great moving lyrics and I can tell when people are singing from the depths of their soul even in the instruments when it's played. I can feel it from the depths of their soul and that's when I am truly moved. I look forward to winning a Grammy one day. I'm excited about my music. 9. What are some hardships you have encountered along your journey?

I have encountered many hardships just like everyone else but I honestly choose not to focus on them. At times when I am at or doing speaking engagements I might share my testimony concerning my daughter. However, I am really at a place in my life where I am living in the now. I truly keep my energy focused on what's positive and what I desire.

10. What have been 3 key points in branding yourself and/or building your brand?

1.Be Authentic.

2.Care nothing about what people think about you. That's not your business.

3.Be positive. Think positive. Live positive.

For more information on Jael visit her site

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