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The Power of Your Written Word | My Blog

Hey You!

I have been journaling since I was 12 years old. Over the years, I started to notice that my thoughts and the things I said would manifest... no matter what it was ( good or bad). My worries and the things I was excited about, ....75% of the time I would experience some version of it at some point. As I started noticing this, I tried to focus on more so-called good things/feelings. It was more powerful for me thou when I actually wrote things down in my own handwriting because when I was writing, my imagination and other senses were stimulated as well. Over time it was like I was reconditioning myself, my mind, my personality and even my lifestyle, but not without some resistence of course. Overall, it was very clear that me writing things down and reading over them a few times during the week was affecting my life in a positive way... more than ever before.

The things I didn't stress over manifested quicker than the things I was anxiously awaiting thou they were positive things/feelings. Because I knew without a shadow of doubt that it would happen. So, I am still in the process of learning to be even more relaxed. Now, I understand a more effective way of writing about things that make me feel really good, happy, excited, inspired, creative, silly, fulfilled and just overly grateful...this blog! This blog allows me to focus on all good things. Things I love and have an affinity to. When I'm writing my blog I'm visualizing things, feeling things, desiring, making conscious and unconscious choices. It truly keeps me focused in a positive way. Another added bonus to this is, I will hopefully see an evolution in my writing skills which has been a weakness for me. Yea.. not a good thing when you want to write and like writing. Anyway, to sum things up ...I believe writing is powerful. It conjures power, the power we have.

What the mind thinks about, it brings about. What your emotions ignite, it will come to Life.

I believe that I will be bringing some amazing things to fruition now that I have started this blog. I'm going to be sharing some of my goals, desires and speaking of them in a "matter of fact" way. Because they will happen, they are going to get done and I am going to cherish ever freckin moment like it might be my last.


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