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When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear | Naava Awaken

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

"When the Student Is Ready the Teacher Will Appear" is one of my favorite quotes. It's a quote I’ve heard—therefore, I use it when reminding myself of things, it's timing and/or conversations with other people. I would think about how I learn things and when It came to a place of where I could actually put my skills and/or knowledge to good use. I would also think about when I had the desire of wanting something different - be it experiences, things, friends and etc. I would notice how at some point, life will bring it about. Maybe I should say it’s more about when I learn new things.

It’s all a matter of where we are at any given time and what we are open to accepting, understanding and the process that's needed. When we (students) desire something/someone consciously or unconsciously the "teacher" (any form) will only manifest itself at the perfect time in the perfect way according to your(the student) method of learning. Another way I think of it is, if you aren't ready for something no matter how much you want it, it usually doesn't take place (manifest). However, we (the student)have the free will to go against that. Meaning, when we can rush something, skip steps, put the cart before the horse and etc...but typically when we do those things it doesn't work out like we hoped or it requires more from us(the student) than we realized.

You ever heard the saying "where much is given much is required". Therefore, doubts, fears, negative thinking or relationships have to be addressed because they hinder you (the student) from receiving all the teacher (manifested situations, people, opportunities and etc) has to offer. This is typically a preparation period before and during the receiving of the "teacher". And if we don't pass the test(s), well, "We repeat what we don't repair or change". When that happens then we can expect the "teacher" to appear in whatever form is best for us. Be open enough to understand that the "teacher" typically comes in a way that is uncomfortable for us(the student) as well.

So, I have come to believe that, I, the student, was ready for the appearance of my "teacher(s)". It just turns out that I was finally seeing something clearly for the first time, despite that it has always been there. Instead of being discouraging, I find this liberating and invigorating in my path of becoming a Blogger/ Producer/ Art Director and etc now. There are so many other aspects of my life I can take this new found awareness, vision and purpose to? Now we(the student) can work towards excising restrictive thinking and seek to be ready for our own "teacher(s)" to appear.

Below are a few affirmations to help you {the student} to get ready for your "teacher":

1. I am constantly growing and developing at ever stage of life

2. I am always developing myself in every area of my life

3. My awareness is always expanding and developing

4. I always believe in my ability to achieve whatever I set my mind to

5. I am an independent and powerful human being

6. I am transforming into someone who is always learning, discovering, and developing

7. Each day I find it easier to take action and go after the things that make me happy

8. My life is getting better and better

9. I feel a deep sense of power and possibility within myself

10. I am open to my teachers in life and will learn from them

11. I have confidence and trust the knowledge and skills my life have provided for me

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