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Maybelline | It Fits Me!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Finding the right type of make up for my oily combination skin that is also acne prone has been a real task since my early 20's. However, I believe I have found one that "FITS ME".

Make-up is a must in my career and I just like most women, I appreciate make-up and what it can do for us in the moments we wear it. My skin hasn't had any serious reactions to it so far. It's the new line from Maybelline. I have to be honest, I never used Maybelline before last year. I mostly was a Loreal or Cover Girl and before than I was all about Bare Minerals because my skin was crazy sensitive in my 20's. It didn't take much for it to clog my big pores and have break outs. Granted, I wasn't consistent in washing my face before bed. But it was also just hard to find something that my skin didn't drink up to the point it looked like I had nothing on at all. Ugh!

I have been using Maybelline Fit Me products separately and together for about 8 months now. I love the matte finish and the medium to full coverage that the foundation gives. It's smooth and very blendable. It lasts on my skin during the fall/winter from 6 up to 8 hours with no touch ups. My colors are 335 - Classic Tan for full face and I have been using 332 - Golden Carmel for Concealing honestly.

I love the Press Powder in 330 - Toffee for my casual days look when I don't want to put foundation on. It seems light weight but gives me enough coverage to take care of any blemishes, redness or other flawless I'm trying to minimize or cover for a typically quick day out or running errands. It also seems to help with my oily T-zone as well. Bonus!

The Instant Pore Eraser really helps with my big pores on my checks and aids in the creasing under my eyes when putting the powder or foundation on. Wearing all of these together gives me a flawless look that I love and I'm no make up, keep that in mind. But Maybelline's Fit Me - Matte and Poreless Line seems to be the answers to my long awaited prayers. The fact that they are on the ground and easily available is another bonus. Oh, and they don't break the bank in my opinion.

I am now tempted to try the Fit Me concealers (I know) and other products within this line. These have officially become staples in my make-up bag. The real test is going to be how well they due in Atlanta's Summer Heat. I have faith in them thou. So, I had to share these finds for myself. Give them a try and let me know if Maybelline FITS YOU?! :)

*photography by Hologram Products (tifarah naava)*

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