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Reflect. Embrace. Love. | Mirror Mirror Event | Hustle, Honey. Co | Perfect Event for my B-Day

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hustle, Honey. Co #hustlehoney

Founders Zainah and Michelle are two Los Angeles newcomers from New York who craved a community of driven and entrepreneurial minded women, however found a void in the Los Angeles area. They understood the struggles of insecurity, fear, and doubt that hold women back from building connections, starting a business and going after their dreams, therefore deciding to take matters into their own hands by starting a women's empowerment collective.

Hustle Honey, is a women's empowerment collective that strives to connect and support women everywhere. Through various charities, workshops and events, our goal is to provide a platform where women of all walks of life can become inspired and build the best network of collaborative honeys!

June Launch Party Event - JUNE 3RD 2017, LA, CALIFORNIA


'Mirror, Mirror' will encourage women to reflect on their experiences, accomplishments, and beauty to embrace their true self. I mean we know you're amazing, but you have to own that too! So bring your friends, homegirls, co-workers, haters..everyone! so that we can spread love, reflect on all of our 'badassness' and embrace them to celebate YOU with us next month. - hustlehoneyco

My birthday is in the month of August so this is the perfect gift. Celebrating at an event all about Self Love, Empowerment, Support and Growth...the fact that it's in LA- can you say - bonus! All my Goddesses I hope to see you guys there! xo


For ticket purchase click on the link here }}}

Follow them on instagram or visit their site @zainahli @wanderlustcurls @hustlehoneyco

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