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Mirror Mirror: Reflect. Embrace. Love by HUSTLE, HONEY | The Experience Summer 2017

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Going into this year I had a theme for myself "Unleashed. Fearless. Freedom" and the tag line was "Self Love. Self Worth". Since the beginning of this year it's been my focus and unconscious thought. I've been draw to anything or anyone whom resonates with it. I also said I wanted to be apart or attend certain events, gatherings, conversations and etc revolving around it. Well here enters Hustle, Honey which I discovered through instagram of all places. (

I immediately went to their site and loved what I read (something I discovered others whom attended liked as well and what brought them to this event). It was something I wanted to attend, blog about for sure and as a added bonus it was in LA, CALIFORNIA...perfect! I called my sister Lori in Cali and said "hey let's go and it's the perfect way to have a pre - BDAY celebration". But, I didn't know that one of the co-founders of Hustle, Honey was someone I was already loving and following on instagram " @Wanderlustcurls". She sent me a message inviting me to come and mentioned she would love to have me. I was honored by that and said it's a done deal. Now that I have come and went, here is what I have to say about my Hustle, Honey experience.

I appreciated the intimate atmosphere of this event. You were able to really connect and meet everyone. It wasn't overly crowded to the point you were over-whelmed with everything. There were opportunities for you to talk to the guest speakers and the founders of Hustle, Honey... isn't that one of the main reasons you go to these types of events - I know it is for me. All the women there were beautifully unique and seeking for not only a good time on a Saturday evening but empowerment, support, and understanding.

Guest speakers Dr. Ally Powell-Hicks and Stephanie Kwong each shared something true to them, their tailored expertise and services. In 5 minutes we understood their purpose and passion. It was great to see the cultural diversity as well - especially in a time like this. I made sure that I spoke with each of the guest speakers and handed them my card.

I'm already hoping that these women would join me in my "Goddess Revelation" series and journey. Before the event came to a close we were all treated to a random giveaway from each vender/brand that was present. It was the cherry on top to an enriching event. And I won a Happy Dot Box ( will do a separate post on that). I was left feeling another level of inspiration, love and determination.

THE DOORS OPEN...walking in you are greeted by the Hustle, Honey logo on the door to a Loft space that is the office for LURE FILMS. There is a table for you to sign in and get tattooed with a stamp that reads "Hustle, Honey". I received my tattoo on my inner left wrist with gratitude and anticipation of a wonderful evening filled with encouragement, fun and appreciation ...that's exactly what I got from this event. I was handed my swag bag along with my sister and entered.

The Venue - Sapien Studios

Lure Films (hosted the event)

The loft space was dope with different levels, cool lighting fixtures and a photographers dream white space. However, the best feature amongst all the other cool elements was this swing in the middle of the loft. Hanging from a beam in the ceiling, it was branded with the "Hustle, Honey " logo - becoming the center of attention for pictures and for all whom attended. I even got in on the fun of it all.

Guest Speakers

Dr. Ally Powell-Hicks - Creative Consultant + Mental Health Expert

Stephanie Kwong - Life + Mindset Coach



Happy Dot Box

She Is Me Jewelry


DJ AK 47


Hustle, Honey

event photography by Hologram Productions

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