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Travel Style | Nine West EMI 3-Piece | Naava Stylebook

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

tifarah naava  unveiling naava airport style nine west

Hey You!

I've checked in for my flight and I realized, I have the same luggage from when I was 15yrs old. Yes, it's held up pretty well with only small signs of wear. However, the biggest issue I was having was rolling it through the airport. I looked around ... seeing suitcases that were spinning around in a full circle. I thought it's definitely time for an upgrade. I was in need for something more efficient - eye catching to express myself. The basic black leather suitcase wasn't working for me anymore - especially since I'm a creative director and blogger now...right?!

While I was away, I made it a point to checkout the new trends. I saw a few that I really liked. The hardshell lightweight designs/technology with the 360 wheels sold me I tried them out in different stores. I prayed that I would come across a quality brand, adorned with an artistic design that could possibly match my personal brand and style. Wondering to myself ... "what does Tifarah look like in a suitcase"?

One Saturday morning, I decided at the last minute to stop by a store. This was a serenditious moment because I found the perfect luggage set. They were just putting out their new shipment and I lit up when I saw it. Two of my favorite colors, Black and Grey highlighted a Blush Pink color in a stunning rose print layout. Now, I typically don't go for pink. I prefer Coral, Mauve or even Dusty Rose but the black exterior and details with grey shadowing brought an edginess that I love. Oh, did I mention the brand was Nine West. Yes, Nine West a brand I have admired since my high school days. This was perfection, I could already see me traveling the world in true "Naava Style" with this set! I was already thinking I have to do a shoot with them the next time I travel.

And here we are!

tifarah naava  unveiling naava airport style nine west

Nine West:

EMI Collection - $329.00


Blush Pink and Black Floral exterior, to the fully lined interior, this beautiful Nine West Emi Collection is sure to turn heads.

Don't let the pretty print on the Emi 3-Piece Hardside Luggage Set fool you: this beautiful luggage set is also functional and sturdy. Each piece in this set is ABS imprinted and has a push-button, locking trolley handle as well as a 4-wheel spinner system for maneuverability.

The exterior also features top and side carry handles while the fully-lined interiors have a mesh pocket, two shoe pockets and elastic valet straps. It is a lightweight design that can easily be stored away by placing each piece inside of each other.

Purchased on Overstock > EMI COLLECTION

  • ABS with printed PC film

  • Push-button locking trolley handle

  • Four wheel spinner system

  • Top and side carry handles

  • Fully lined interior with mesh pocket, two shoe pockets, and elastic valet straps

  • 5 year warranty

tifarah naava  unveiling naava airport style nine west

tifarah naava  unveiling naava airport style nine west

Luggage Dimensions:

Large 28": 28" x 19.3" x 12.2"

Medium 24": 24" x 16.5" x 10.2"

Small/Carry-on 20" : 20" x 14.2" x 8.3".

photography by Visuals by Dre

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