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the 35th Year | Transcending into My Prime

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

"My latter will be greater than my former!" Job 8: 7

tifarah naava  unveiling naava  birthday style

Hey You!

When I was in my twenties, I was actually looking forward to turning 30. If you asked me when I was younger where you (I) would be at 35, ... well it definitely wouldn't be writing for my own blog "Unveiling Naava".

I would be blessed-fully married, about to give birth to my twins( a boy and girl )which will complete my family of 3 kids that I wanted. I would have 3 homes, girl-bossing my companies, healthy, youthful, paying back my parents for all that they have done - with wanderlust fever...thinking to myself on a yacht in Maldives .... "this is nothing I expected, but yet everything I dreamed!"

My mother was married and at 35 she had me. But 30 has came and went for me, and I was happy with the possibility of having a promising long-term relationship and the fortitude to revive my path, lifestyle and my artistic career. Babies were still somewhere on the horizon but the “when”? ...I was now turning 32 and my then relationship wasn't best for the new lifestyle that was starting to take shape due to my awarness.

Is this the 35 cliché of “pregnancy-lifestyle-in-our-thirties" trend among friends to our artistic persuasions. Ok, so, let me be clear about something else: my friends and I aren’t all cut from the same creative cloth. In my immediate group of close girlfriends, along with a couple of entertainment production people, there is a hair stylist, a lawyer, an administrator, a military officer, a collections agent, a publisher and a banker. I'm wondering if this ... is a Woman Phenomenon.

Coming into our 30's, it seems there are a group of us...well, we were still figuring our lives out or we just came to a sense of real clarity, understanding, and more importantly - I believe acceptance. Learning to "OWN" who we really are and what we are anointed to do. And damn what anyone thinks or feels about it. Regardless, of those in the group who's biological clocks were tickling, sure, it was a standing concern, but the moment of saying "YES!" to ourseflves became dominate and more pressing. Could this be that feeling, thinking, knowing, self-love - worth and etc...that I heard women well into their 30's, 40's and 50's talking about??? Could this be that I entering into?

----Life begins at 35...

---A study found it takes years of experimenting before women find a look they’re happy and confident with. Most feel they’re in their prime at 35. - One in three grew more comfortable with their appearance the older they got, while three out of four thought their style had improved over the years. - Sex is better, because they are healthier and enjoy their bodies more in a new way. - The desire to please is more self directed. - Five in eight claim a new career and a relationship that's better suited for their lifestyle and inner happiness. Those whom haven't started a family embrace single motherhood with more confidence.---

tifarah naava  unveiling naava  birthday style

At 34, 12 days from turning 35, I am definitely feeling a lot of those feelings and having those thoughts. But the excitement for me is really more about ME! - Knowing and understanding me. Loving and really liking me - not with the thinking of a 20-something year old mind and emotions. I love the career and path I'm on. I'm writing a freaking blog right now...who knew, wow!!!It's amazing that the things that were true for me before my 20's are much more true for me NOW. I love the things and desire the things I did then. It's like I'm starting to come full circle again. My younger self between 5 years to about 15 years old knew me well - before I realized it. She was a compass, I never strayed to far but far enough were I was unhappy with things. That is now a thing of the past.

I'm a woman who like that younger girl, loves her western-texan background and style. Loves being surround by different cultures:- their foods, music and movies. Loves the earth, water, horses, motorcycles, painting, walking barefoot, wine, and traveling - the way her family did a lot when she was younger. She loves art and the performing arts. Feels she was created to create. Enjoys helping others and seeing them inspired to achieve their goals and dreams. She also knows that she has a kindred spirit with Batman and/or Catwoman but has a heart for or aspires to be like Superman and/or Wonder Woman. My fellow comic nerds will understand this. And no I'm not referring to just their supernatural abilities... I'm weird like that, lol!

---I'm an Untamed Liger ( lion father- tiger mother) Goddess and I know my companion has to complement me. Be my Superman to my Batman ways.---

Somehow, in my twenties, I thought my thirties would be freeing in a logical way. I thought my shit would be together and I would be here but it's not what I expected. And I am okay with that. I know I wasn't ready for any of that. I definitely wouldn't be really happy with it either, learning what I am learning now ( I have a few people divorcing, leaving jobs - just making adjustments from their 20-something choices or mistakes as they call it). But I'm excited to wait and take my time and let God(my inner compass) live it better than I even intended back then. With that being said, " to my children, I have meet you in my dreams and prayers - I look forward to all of you. To my "Superman/Achor", thank you for evolving and staying true. Who you are and becoming is what I need and I pray I will be the same for you."

And so, I sit here at 1:30am, in California, drinking wine, in my super-comfy surung as I type this, believing I will have everything that I’d wanted for the last 7 years, and then some - I'm grateful for this moment, this season. Because birthdays are just celebrations of having been born and blessed with another year lived!

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 35

Angel Number 35 denotes that you are getting an indication from the angels that your life will be subjected to major changes. These may entail a re-evaluation of the rationale of your mission in life and assessment of your obsessions.

Angel Number 35 assures you that you have the grace of your guardian spirits and divine forces and you will be supported and directed by them through the challenges you may face during these transformations in life.

Angel Number 35 symbol is sending out a message to you that you should be ready to accept these changes in life with humility. Use your resourcefulness and expressive capabilities to realize your greatest ambitions in life based on these changes.

Angel Number 35 Meaning

When you combine the vibrations of Number 3 and Number 5, you get the characteristics of angel number 35 meaning.

tifarah naava  unveiling naava  birthday style

Number 3 has the property of escalation and extension, articulateness and expression. Hope and ecstasy, zeal and motivation are the additional energies. Number 3 also refers to the spiritual energies which are responsible for the maintenance of inner tranquility, affection and transparency. You are connected with others by this celestial force. You are able to visualize your life objectives because of this insight.

Number 5 has the qualities of selection of desires and preferences, ingenuity and inspiration. It signifies evolution in life through liberty and flexibility, familiarity and diversity, and making use of the openings presented to you in life. A combination of these forces will result in the vibrations of Number 35 and they are visualization and originality, enthusiasm and exploration, prospects and incentives.

tifarah naava  unveiling naava  birthday style

When you come across Angel Number 35 time and again in life, you will have plenty of opportunities at your door step after these constructive modifications. It is up to you to make them beneficial to you by using them intelligently.

Angel number 35 says that these alterations are for your advantage over a long period of time and will be a part your goals in life. Whenever you face any difficulty, you can call upon the assistance of angels and the Supreme Power. Photography by Visuals by Dre

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