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Turmeric Mask | Charu Naava

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hey You!

Every once in a while, your skin deserves to be pampered a bit. A mask every week or so is a great way to condition, exfoliate, brighten, detox and/or soften it . Face masks are actually the easiest beauty products you can make at home. All it takes is mixing up some ingredients which are good for the skin and you’re done. But always remember to do your neck and chest as well.

For the past 8 months, I have been loving a mask with four ingredient’s- which has been working wonders on own my skin. The key ingredient in this face mask is Turmeric. Turmeric is a spice used quite often in the Asian kitchen, but it works great for skincare too. In India it’s called “holy powder” and it is famous for healing wounds and infections. This mask works great for every skin type. Basically, turmeric rocks whether it’s eaten or put on your skin.

It has been proven to help with anti-aging, preventing acne, soothing inflamed skin, & giving a beautiful complexion. Turmeric is one of the universes healthiest spices. It is an anti-biotic & anti-inflammatory that when ingested daily has been known to prevent & treat many kinds of cancer, chronic pains, Alzheimers, diabetes, & acne. I add this powder to my hot drinks and I have started taking capsules of the wonder powder.

Ok, let’s make a face mask to minimize those pores, treat blemishes & make our skin glow.


It will deposit color on your clothes, rugs, & other items. It is best to wash it while damp with soapy luke warm water or spot clean. I have had no problem washing it out. Be careful with porous surface in your bathroom or kitchen when rinsing off. I typically wash off the mask in the shower. Also apply a thin layer with a sponge or an applicator. I use a flat foundation brush to apply the mask to my face, neck and chest (wooden or plastic is best for properties reasons).

What You will Need:

1. Turmeric - you can find this spice at your grocery or you can find it raw & grind it yourself!

2. Apple Cider Vinger - I used ACV, but you can substitute plain yogurt, sour cream, honey, olive oil, almond oil, coconut milk… the list goes on!

3. Aztec Healing Clay or Rhassoul Clay - I used both, but you can use milk powder, sandalwood powder, oatmeal flour, & again the list goes on!

4. Bowl & brush for mixing

5. Honey - Honey is optional, but I’m obsessed with honey & it’s anti-inflamitory properties, so I include honey in all of my beauty rituals.

I leave my mask on for a minimum of 30mins or until I feel like taking a shower. I apply my mask at least 2x twice a week.

photography by Hologram Productions

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