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Airport Style | Fall + Winter 2017 | Naava Stylebook

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

tifarah naava  unveiling naava airport style

With all the time I'm going to be spending on planes, living out of suitcases and the security measures, I’ve come up with some ideas of what works best for an easy trip. Here is an example of how I achieve the easy chic airport style that I like to wear when I’m traveling — they are super comfy. I try to stick to a neutral color pallette and by neutral I generally mean black, and grey. I opt for comfortable yet well cut stretch fabrics when it comes to my denim, jogger pants and sweater top/shirts are always at the top of the list, especially during the holiday season.

I head to the airport in a casual chic outfit that looks clean and boho/ethinic sometimes, but more importantly comfortable enough to sit in for hours on a plane. I like wearing my thinner jackets (with a hoodie preferably) and a blanket scarf on the plane so they don’t take up too much space in my suitcase or my backpack.

Another important wardrobe item I am starting to prefer are slides or shoes that I can easily slip on and off at security. During the spring and summer stylish slides have been the main choice. And thou I am heading into the fall it hasn't changed. I just throw a pair of ankle socks in my backpack. So, if my feet get cold on the plane I have them.

tifarah naava  unveiling naava airport style
tifarah naava  unveiling naava airport style

tifarah naava  unveiling naava airport style

Attire + Accessories

Light buildable - layers of wardrobe items are a must have during the fall and winter. I am starting to look around for chic classic flats that I can wear if I ever want to dress up a little more than normal. It will be my next choice as we head into the colder months. I could never see myself wearing tall heels or boots to the airport for long plane rides. Riding boots are the only ones I can phantom styling my feet, comfortably. And being a Texas girl it would be ideal. I'm looking for some unique black ones I can wear with anything. I don't wear my jewelry to the airport. I keep it in my carry-on backpack until after I go through security. Once I get through, any accessories that I paired with my outfit are placed on at that time. If I have paired a wide brim hat or cap - I will add that item to my outfit as well.

My Luggage Set and Essentials

It's a jet-setting essential that we won't leave home without, packing our clothing and accessories into everything from teeny-tiny carry-ons to multiple pieces of extra large luggage. I am happy to have found this Nine West - Emi Collection Set. It was time to upgrade my luggage set after 20 years and this stylish set was Naava approved! It compliments my other black and grey travel essentials. Like my backpack that I use as my "purse". I am able to have a book, my tablet, personal items, headphones, notepad, passport, ticket info, snacks, socks, external battery and etc at my side.

I am also a fan of my traveling cubes. It's efficient in providing organized space in my luggage. I have 14 grey cubes that I use and they were worth every penny. I also use them in my weekender bag when I am doing a staycation trip of 3 days or less. An upgrade that has become essential for my traveling needs. Oh, and I can't forget my neck pillow . I have one that snaps - so I can lock it around the handles of my luggage. It's pure perfection!

tifarah naava  unveiling naava airport style
tifarah naava  unveiling naava airport style

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