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Pura d'or Vitamin C Serum | 2Month Beauty Challenge | Charu Naava

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been a vitamin known to be beneficial to us internally for years. However, in the past 4 to 5 years there has been a rise in the popularity of Vitamin C as a facial serum due to the amazing benefits on the skin. It is said that using a vitamin C serum daily will help keep the wrinkles at bay. The topical vitamin C serum is an oil-and-water-based cosmetic product that delivers concentrated vitamin C directly onto the skin. Vitamin C serums, whether drugstore or high-end, offer two major advantages than moisturizer - rapid absorption and deep penetration. Therefore, they have the ability to produce results in less time over other products.


Vitamin C serums are specialists designed to deliver a high concentration of vitamin C. Although the formula is oil-and-water-based, it is created to have an oil-free texture. In fact, serums are described as having a velvety finish. Although the formulas do not leave an oily finish, the intensive formula can irritate sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin should look for vitamin C serums that are specifically designed for their skin type.


Collagen Production - Topical vitamin C serums can stimulate collagen production. The added collagen might reduce and prevent the signs of aging, such as wrinkles. Choose vitamin C serums with either ascorbic or L-ascorbic acid as the active ingredient.

Sun Protection - Vitamin C is also known to repair some signs of sun damage, such as discoloration and fine lines. It's the potent antioxidant properties of vitamin C serums that are responsible for reversing some signs of aging and reducing age spots.

Brighten Skin - The vitamin C serums act as a natural bleaching agent and lighten the skin, including age spots, hyper-pigmentation and dark circles under the eye. In addition to brightening skin, topical vitamin C serums can prevent mild redness associated with sun damage. According to Dr. Oz, topical vitamin C can even reduce the number of sunburned skin cells.


The biggest disadvantage of a vitamin C serum is its instability. Light and air can denature the active ingredients and render them useless. For this reason, Dr. Oz recommends using topical vitamin C serums that are packaged in opaque and airtight containers. Also, be aware that products labeled with vitamin C as an ingredient may not have active vitamin C. Store in a dark, dry and cool place.

2 Month Beauty Challenge

It is 2017, and I have yet to try any Vitamin C facial serums. At 35 years old, I guess this is the perfect time to start and see what all the hype is about. There are so many different brands out there and it can be very overwhelming when deciding on one. However, if you already have a favorite beauty brand that has a serum it probably made things a little easier. I wanted a serum that was as natural and organic as possible, affordable and on the ground. Something I can easily purchase if I happen to fall in love with one ...okay made two - it's important to switch it up a little I believe because our bodies can become immune to things. After some research, I decided on the brand Pura d'or. So, starting November 1st 2017, I will apply this serum every night until December 31st 2017 - hoping I will have no side effects. I will take a picture of my skin the day I start, after the first month ends and again at the end of the 2nd month. I can't wait to get beautified !!!


All PURA D'OR formulas use a proprietary blend of organic extracts and performance driven oils, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to help solve problems like thinning hair, hair loss due to breakage and scalp issues while adding soft volume and brilliant shine. It is the company’s goal to always source the most effective, naturally powerful ingredients to create care solutions that perform. As an environmentally responsible company, we use recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes wherever possible. The PURA D'OR team stands behind every product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee of product performance.

---Pura d'or 20% Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid is an effective anti-aging serum infused with all plant base ingredients including Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Ferulic Acid and Super Anti-Oxidants What It Does: Pura d'or 20% Vitamin C Serum's Super Concentrated formula is designed to target skin imperfections. Our special ingredient blend aids skin to appear firmer, with increased elasticity.

All Vitamin has a natural sour smell to it. It is the smell of ascorbic acid combined with our active ingredients. We do not add in any artificial fragrance to try to cover this up. So a normal user is not aware of this and think it has gone bad. Boosted with Hyaluronic acid, this serum leaves skin balanced in a delicate vibrant shine. Lasting softness is achieved, all while neutralizing harmful free radicals. Cruelty Free Product.

This product contains:

No harmful chemicals

No sulfates

No parabens

No synthetic fragrances

No artificial colorants


Gluten free

Organic ingredients

photography by Hologram Productions

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