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A Path to a Better You | What I Have Learned | Naava Awaken

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

tifarah naava  unveiling naava

Hey You!

I originally started blogging at the end of 2011. I was working on my first style post for the summer of 2012. I am using the pictures from that shoot in this blog post. I still love them. I was the creative director for this shoot. I wanted a distorted/out of focus feel for this shoot. It's 5 years later, wow, and I have definitely evolved and so has my blogging, posing, creative ideas, and overall vision + goals for my Blog and Youtube channel now known as " Unveiling Naava".

( photography by my college friend Amber)

We all go through phases where we feel like we aren’t performing or feeling our best and it’s natural to go through these periods, because let’s face it, we can’t be perfection every time and moment. I for one regularly go through these seasons but then I have to take a moment to remind myself of a few important things to keep myself in check. I have to keep myself focused and understand that this blog isn't about perfection. It's an outlet so I can be honest, raw, make mistakes, experiment, be creative, speak my truth and work towards getting myself back on track to being the best version of myself I can be. So, here are a few things that I have learned in this 7 year total journey thus far.

Focused On You

Admiring someone else, it can be easy to look at what they are doing and take it as an example of what you should be doing in your own life in order to be happy, rich, successful, pretty, married or whatever else but the truth is, we all have different strengths, talents, purpose, and abilities. What works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa. As they say, do you boo. Or as I like to say " Your Crown is Custom Fitted, it will never fit anyone else!" Your time is better spent working on your own goals and dreams. Learn what makes you you and all your nuances that you can use to your advantage. Every step you make no matter how small it may look or seem - just know that that person had to at some point - they had to do it too. Celebrate yourself and stay Focus!

tifarah naava  unveiling naava

Schedule Me, Myself and I Time

Life can be overwhelming some times. Especially for us as women because we are natural givers. We are beings that naturally put other things and people before ourselves. But this goes for anyone who needs to catch their breath. Do just that! Take a Breath! When you are overworked and tired you’re not going to be able to perform your best or be your best you. Doing little things every day can add up and make a difference in your overall life. It could be as little as taking time out for a walk, a soak in your tub, 30min nap, journaling, detoxing from social media, and/or taking a mini staycation (1- 3 days) and getting away from it all completely. Discover a new place in your own city or state for a afternoon. Just make sure you schedule it in when and for however long would work for you and your lifestyle. We all need a moment occasionally . Give yourself those well deserved moments and then you can come back feeling refreshed and focused.

If It Makes You Happy

Learning to say NO, without feeling guilty, is one major thing I think we all struggle with from time to time. Anything or one that causes undesired stress is a No-No. Learning to remove or how to handle it will bring better days and enjoyable moments to you and your life. Surrounding myself with like- minded people - those that can edify me, and be honest is important. Find out what you need and find those people who can assist you in learning how to be happy - just by them being themselves and who you are evolving into.Also, do what you love and like. If you are lucky enough to do a job, have a career or something that you love, then great, but if not then make sure that you find things that truly makes you happy. Now, I know that life can often get in the way but it’s so important that you still make time for those things that you love; be it spending time with family, hanging out with friends, working on a project or making time for your hobby. It's daily choices that can make you happy. You just have to be aware and find those opportunities.

tifarah naava  unveiling naava

What You Think You Become.

What You Feel You Attract.

What You Imagine You Create.


I am living my dreams and goals everyday.

I am experiencing the type of love and friendships that I want.

I am a successful and fulfilled wife, mother, producer, designer, creator, actress, blogger/youtuber and world traveler.

I am beautiful, healthy, happy and free in being me.

I am Unleashed. Fearless and Freedom.

I am worthy of everything.

I am a Goddess.

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