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Early Gift Ideas Under $50 | Christmas 2017

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hey You!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is gift giving, when I was growing up, I would go with my mom every year for Secret Santa for kids in need. I loved picking out the children gifts. I also loved gift shopping for my family and friends. My go-to-method was to always give something needed and something desired. For example, my younger sister needed a passport set but wanted a sweater set. So, I gave her both. It's always nice to hear the person say " Oh, wow, I needed this but I didn't think of it". I think gifts are a great way to show someone you truly pay attention to them in the smallest ways. I pride myself on that. Therefore, shopping has always been pretty easy for me and I'm usually done before the 2nd week in December. All year long, I have paid close attention to those important to me and made mental notes.

Even though shopping and gift giving brings me so much joy, there always seems to be one or two people on my list who are a challenge. Either they are the types to already have everything (like my dad) or they get things I was planning to get them before hand. I’m sure you have some “hard-buys,” too. However, I have put a list together below that I believe are good gift ideas for anyone. Of course, most of these items are for females but all you have to do is swap it out for your brother, boyfriend, husband or co-worker. Find out that guys favorite music artist (get that new album or an ole but goodie), what beauty products does he use, does he need a travel set or even a new hoodie ? Think about something he mentioned on the low or if he collects get the point.

Checkout my $50 & under Gift Ideas below. Most of these items can be purchased on

Gift Ideas

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