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How I Shop as a Blogger | Liger Goddess

Updated: Oct 16, 2020


Have a shopping list. For those that don't know I journal. Therefore, I have notebooks and journals on hand - not just for journaling but for writing ideas, reminders and of course shopping list. Certain books or note pads are for certain subjects. I have a notepad dedicated to my wardrobe and style - when going to an event, traveling or out and about I notice things that I need. For instance, I'm heading to New York this month and I realized I don't have a coat for seriously freezing weather. This is something I might need if I plan on going to places like Canada during the winter months. I then thought about the things I would need for those possibly freezing temperatures like: hats, gloves, shoes and etc. Keeping a list is a must in making things easier and life smoother.

This should be an ongoing thing - lists that you always keep with you, much like I keep an ongoing list of blog post ideas. I keep my list (for shopping and for blogging) in my phone most times or in my bag. Now, when I go shopping, being a blogger is at the forefront of my mind.


Dividing my list in sub-sections, I find I like this more than not - including things like accessories or any fun things to spice up your look, blog, post pictures, office and etc.

Sometimes, a few weeks or days before I go shopping I take stock of things. Before you go shopping for certain things, clean and organize your closet, workspace, or any place that you are shopping for. Not only will this help you figure out what you’re missing, save time and money but you may also discover you already have awesome multiples of things you forgot about and get rid of the things that you have been procrastinating about!


Before you hit the stores, make sure you bring your list. Make sure you have made time for this important task. Also, don’t buy something simply because it’s on sale. As tempting as it may be, don’t buy something that's not on your list. Stay focused! There is nothing worse then getting home, starting a post shoot, filming and you don't have what you should have gotten.

For my wardrobe, when purchasing basics, buy the best quality you can afford, However, when it comes to certain trendy things, I hit up inexpensive, fast fashion boutiques for fun, trendy pieces. And, when it comes to the trending things in the blog world, I typically don't purchase anything that's not a real investment for me or true to my style and brand.

The most important rule in my opinion, stay True to your staples. Stay True to your style, and all the little accents. It's what makes you a classic. It helps you defined things that will probably become a signature style and look for you and your brand.

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