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A Denver Holiday Part I | Black Hawk + Union Station | Naava Voyages

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Since I have started blogging again, I have been looking at things I have been doing since childhood in a different way. One thing in particularly is traveling. I was blessed to have parents and family that enjoyed traveling and since my dad worked for Delta I am able to enjoy the perks. Traveling to Denver is one place I have visited often since I was born. It's my dad's hometown and where his side of the family mainly resides. I am also blessed to have my oldest sister and brother there; along with my nieces and nephews. So, for this Thanksgiving Holiday I decided to head back to Denver and experience it in a different way.

It amazed me that as long as I have been visiting Denver, I never visited certain major landmarks and other places. Therefore, I was determine on this holiday I would pick at least 2 spots and bring some of my family along for the voyage. After a little research, the 2 places I settled on were: Union Station and Black Hawk/Central City. My suggestions were perfect according to my sister Beverly, who hadn't visited Union Station since it was remodeled. And Black Hawk was a rare every now and then thing she did just for a little fun. Now, the places were set and I looked forward to the 7 days with family and the new memories we would create.

Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station, a must for anyone visiting the Mile High City. Recently renovated to perfection, the train station established in the 1920's, is a bustling hub of vibes - especially during the holiday season. With the brand new Light Rail Route from Denver International Airport, you can deplane and be at Union Station within an hour. It's located centrally with easy access that offers much to see and do in the city surrounding it. If you don't want to venture further out, it can easily be a one stop all enclusive - drink, eat, shop and be merry. By hopping on the Light Rail, staying at The Crawford Hotel, and dining at the on-site restaurants. This Mile High City's station makes for an interesting stay-cation, weekend getaway, or a vacation for a longer trip. The Union Station, is also great for dates, family dinners, and during the holiday season - you can enjoy all the festive decorations and even visit Santa Claus. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere of this station and even thought to myself ..."I would love to shoot a scene for a movie here".

Terminal Bar

Union Station’s ticket counter was brilliantly transformed into a bar serving cocktails, wine, and a wide assortment of local craft beer. Terminal Bar has the pucks for the shuffleboard tables in the Great Hall. You can grab a pint and take in the bustling atmosphere over a game or two. When the weather is good, you can enjoy your beer outside on the patio.

Black Hawk

Black Hawk hosts a unique mix of authentic gold-mining history and modern-day hotels and casinos, all set against the unmatched scenic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Black Hawk is nestled adjacent to Central City in Clear Creek Canyon west of Denver. While Black Hawk occupies less than two square miles and has fewer than 100 residents, the former mining and mill town welcomes more than 20,000 visitors daily, who come to experience the area's history, scenery and entertainment.

Home to Colorado’s largest number of casinos and with easy access from Denver, the city is one of the state’s most popular gaming sites. A free shuttle runs up and down Main Street so you never have to get in your car once you arrive. And the Casino Shuttle runs between Black Hawk and several Front Range locations, including downtown Denver.

The Lodge Casino

Champagne Brunch

Later after looking around Black Hawk we decided to stay there and have lunch at one of the casinos. The brunch offers 2 glasses of champagne per guest and a wonderful array of food, desserts and fruits. I truly enjoyed this day in the mountains with my sister. Thank you Big sis for an amazing time.

photography by Hologram Productions

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