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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

December 1st 2016, is the official date but all month, I'm celebrating my blog Anniversary. It was a task - thinking of the perfect outfit for such an occasion. I'm eclectic with my style. I need it to have all the facets that make up my overall wardrobe. Elements of boho, chic, edgy, ethnic, sporty and simple elegance in bodies the "Naava Style".

I love a great pair of pants. No matter if it's jeans, slacks, joggers - I naturally gravite to a dope pair of pants or a pantsuit before any dress. That tomboy in me still rules. But at 35 years old, I have finally embraced the physical attributes of myself that makes me a woman and I'm not afraid to accentuate certain parts of my body that I love the most.

I thought about the things I have been loving most from my wardrobe for the past year. I decided that those items have to be apart of this outfit. Now, what do I have in my closet ?? I immediately put together an outfit I thought about wearing before but never got around to it. Ok, so, now accessories. 65 % of my jewelry is custom made. I'm allergic to a lot of metals. I prefer natural materials. I purchase stones, findings, pendants, ribbon, stainless steel chains, leather strings, and rope - then had my mother assembly them together. I thought about these black and gold arrow head pendants I purchased in Ohio while visiting my sisters. They would be perfect as earrings. I told her how I wanted them and she made them for me. **Thanks to J.Mspire Design for the custom jewels**

My favorite item with this outfit is my Vintage 1950s Genuine (horse hide) Leather Motocycle Jacket

It was gifted to me by my Dad (73) for my 35th B-Day. Priceless Item!

Now, I finally feel I have all the elements needed:

Boho, Chic, Edgy, Ethnic, Sporty + Simple Elegance = NAAVA STYLE

Photography by Visuals.by.Dre

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