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Updated: Oct 18, 2020

It wouldn’t be the start of a new year in my book if, I DIDN'T HAVE A SET OF AFFIRMATIONS TO KEEP ME FOCUSED. If you visit this blog often you know that I believe and use affirmations all the time. Below I have curated a few that resonated with me as I head into 2018. This year, I am OWN'n who I am on more levels than ever before. I hope that these words can help you and resonate with you as well.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you have an amazing start to 2018!


I am great and unique in everything I do.

Everything I produce is successful, real, powerful and consistent.

I own all that I am and who I am becoming.

I trust and believe in all my skills and talents that serve me well.

My life is filled with endless opportunities and I accept the ones that are in line with who I am and my lifestyle.

I enjoy the safe travels, positive support, and levels of development in my career.

When I need help, I effortlessly attract the perfect solutions and resources that I need.

As I take on new challenges, I feel calm, confident, and powerful.

I celebrate each goal I accomplish with joy and gratitude.

I trust my intuition and am always guided to make wise decisions.

I am a patient listener and effective communicator.

I am always creating a life filled with love, honesty, support, success, health and joy.

What are your 2018 affirmations?

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