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Elegant Bohemian Rocker | 2018 Look I Naava Stylebook

Elegant Bohemian Rocker

I don't really care for perfection. I like some things distorted and out of focus. It's beautiful in my opinion. I love pairing Elegant Dresses with Rocker & Boho elements. It's a melting pot style that I started to develop in high school. I was a fan of the Gothic & Rocker look. This is a go-to combination for sure.

This Blush sweetheart rues-hing style cocktail dress slims my medium wide frame, while showing of shoulders. My midi-calf boots are from one of my fav designers, Steve Madden. I have had them for 5 years now. They are old and definitely worn but I can't let them go. My Crystal Bracelet is custom made by my mom (J.Mspire Designs), who has handmade most of my jewelry from my ideas or a collaboration. I purchased my Black Feathered Boho earrings from a thrift shop about 6 years ago, along with my Floral Black Ring.

Below, I have found items that I believe will be perfect for re-creation of this look. Just click on the name of the links to purchase!

Elegant Bohemian Rocker



Rampage islet Motorcycle Buckle Mid Boot

Bohemian Black Feather Earrings

Yoursfs Rose Ring Black Austria

photography by IMAJWORX

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