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Oahu’s North Shore | Hawaii 2012 Part I | Naava Voyages

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

5 hours and 10 minutes, the flight time from LA, Cali to Honolulu, Hawaii. It was Spring 2012 and my first trip but definitely not my last to the Big Island and healing waters of Hawaii. I couldn't wait to touch down and run for the open waters. I knew I wouldn't be able to do everything I dreamed about but I was definitely going to try and take advantage of the time I had there. I documented the time mainly through my camera on my cell phone (2011 android) so please forgive some of the quality of these pictures. I tried to gather as much of the pictures we took on this going through old post from my fb and instagram. So, keep in mind that the pictures you are about to see are pretty bad but hopefully you will get the idea.

It was a nice four days in Hawaii. I felt such a spirit with the island. There was something there for me for sure. And as I get ready to head back soon, I am planning to hangout more with the locals and of course with the friends I have out there. I want to visit the other islands as well. I am really not a big fan of the typical tourist spots. I am going to break my trip up into 3 parts. Now, let me share my favorite place I explored while in Hawaii.

Oahu’s North Shore

Making sure to drive through the North Side of Oahu is the reason why many visitors make the long venture out here. Winter or Summer, it doesn’t matter the time of year you visit. The North Shore of Oahu always offers something magical to experience. We loved the drive going up, sighting seeing and just taking in the vibes of the island...oh how my senses sang. The earth is so amazing and the wonders. We parked and enjoyed a nice walk and lunch through the TOWN of HALEIWA. My mother and I found a boat on the beach that said North Shore. I'm sitting in the boat and she stands next to me but the filter makes us hard to see. And of course we used our phone instead of the digital camera(2011)model we had to take that picture. Lol, blogging has definitely changed the way I do things now when I travel. Fyi- Hawaii is a pricey place to come prepared but you will have an awesome time!

Places to Visit:





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