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My Winter Wardrobe Essentials | Naava Stylebook

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Winter has officially started. I’m fortunate to live in Atlanta at the moment where we don’t usually experience true winter weather. However, the past 2 months we have experienced below freezing temperatures and our share of snowfall up to almost 10 inches in some areas. But, I previously visited Denver and New York and understand the importance of having the proper winter attire.

Heading to NYC back in December, I surveyed my closet. I realized I don't have any real winter essentials for freezing weather with extreme wind shield factors. I need quality items that is waterproof and insulated for my upcoming voyages and adventures to places like Canada, Korea, Japan, Alaska and etc. Having waterproof clothing and certain accessories is vital to staying warm during the winter.

When it comes to jackets and certain sporty or causal clothing pieces, I typically shop in the Men's department. This is something I have done since high school. I found my Marc New York - Andrew Marc Down Jacket from Burlingtons' in a Steel Grey color as well as my leather gloves. Below are items that are very similar, if not exact to the wardrobe items I have purchased over the past 3 weeks. It's nice to have different options and styles. And don't forget about layering your outfit. I will do a Naava Stylebook for my entire winter essentials look soon.

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A puffer or down coat/jacket basically takes you anywhere a wool coat can’t. Typically they are waterproof which is something you definitely want when dealing with snow, right? But make sure your coat is waterproof, so, it will hold up to all kinds of inclement weather. No mater the style, whether it's a lightweight or heavy duty jacket depends on your climate and lifestyle.

You can never go wrong with a classic like a hoodie. If you are not the hoodie type, opt for a cashmere sweater. They are so popular and can be a classic essential piece in your wardrobe as well. I'm not a fan of turtlenecks but they are also an option for you, which is nice because they’re so practical for those living in places that experience regular winter like weather. I’m a zip-up, and pullover kind of girl.

I admit that I haven’t always had snow boots because a good leather riding boot or rain boots can be worn in almost any condition, but snow boots definitely keep you warmer than rain boots. . When it’s cold, you can wear thick socks, or better yet, Smartwool inside.

A quality winter hat is very essential. I love these aviator style hats the most. I don't really care for ear muffs, so, a hat that keeps my head and ears warm is a winner! It's waterproof as well. I have another option below that includes pockets for your hands too. But, I still recommend having gloves on no matter what.

I can't get enough of Blanket scarves, and for me they are here to stay. I love to layer my big blanket scarf ...draping it around or over my other scarf that I have tucked down into my jacket. Infinity scarves are even easier still, and they take all guesswork out of styling.

My fingers freeze in the wintertime like a lot of you I'm sure, so, I always need gloves, but I want to be able to access my Phone. I have recently purchased a pair of tech-friendly gloves.

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