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Rebel Luv | 2 V-Day Inspired Styles | Naava Stylebook

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Like most people I consider Valentine’s Day a cheesy Holiday. I don't really celebrate it. Love should be expressed everyday and in many different ways. Your love with someone should be shown everyday, but what about if you are single or away from your loved one? Well, honestly I think "Self-Love" should be included in that so-called holiday. Wait, is it even really a holiday?!

Rebel Luv | 2 V-Day Inspired Styles | Naava Stylebook

Around 24 or 25 years old, I started trying to have a V-DAY with my girls and a date night with myself. Regardless, if I had a boyfriend or not. Just us celebrating ourselves, friendship and being women. I know we can have crazy schedules and life can lead to a lack of time with ourselves. Maybe, we don’t get to share love and take care of ourselves all the time. So, then try to use this day as a new beginning to hopefully start treating yourself to some R+R or a date night once a week! I have been taking myself on different kinds of dates since my mid 20's. I do things that I would possibly like to do with that special man in my life. I get myself all done up as if I have someone to meet. I truly feel this is very important for every woman out there! Especially, all you wonderful mothers! Maybe a guy can make the experience - a completely different experience. But, it's, so, great how much I enjoy myself and doing me. There is nothing like that self-quality time!

Now, lets talk about the "LOOK". I'm definitely not a red person. I think, I have 6 items in my entire wardrobe, including accessories that are red. So, I'm all about Blush tones, Mauves, Dusty Rose, Coral shades and White of course. I have more purple than red for sure. And my staple colors, of course are Black, and Grey.

So, for the not so Girly - Girl like me - doing something extravagant for V-Day, style wise... rarely happens. You can still be festive without having to be overdressed. Pair those ripped jeans, leather pants and/or nice joggers with a graphic tee or feminine top that has a "Valentine’s Day " vibe, and top your outfit with a leather jacket or hat for a bit of edge. Below, I have put together 2 looks that is NAAVA APPROVED! Checkout my Rebel Luv V-Day Inspired Looks that I would definitely rock!

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Rebel Luv | 2 V-Day Inspired Styles | Naava Stylebook

LOOK I : Blush'n Leather Rebel

LOOK II : Chic Afro Lovin

Rebel Luv | 2 V-Day Inspired Styles | Naava Stylebook

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