Waking Up To... | Liger Goddess

Waking Up To...

A connected deity

Moles, freckles, blemishes, skin, kinky -curly hair and crusty eyes

White pillows and sheets

Happiness, possibilities, gratitude, beauty

Smiles, kisses, touches, and hugs

Desire, stability, protection

Spontaneity and thoughtfulness

Love notes of the day

The miracle of another day

Completeness of the prior day and the achievements of today

The sound of waves crashing along the shore, while a breeze flows through the crack in the window

Inspiration and imagination

Dreams and fantasies

Strength and determination

Growth and longevity

Prosperity and evolution

Support and understanding

Forgiveness and patience

Choices and undiscovered moments...

Waking up to Moments...

Present Moments...

Candid Moments....

Experienced Moments...

Prayed for Moments...

Freedom Moments...

Life Moments...

Owned Moments...

Now Moments...

Yes Moments...


Candid raw photography by Ziya P.

#ligergoddess #unveilingnaava #ligergoddess #selflove #selfworth

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