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Celebrating Sisterhood | Valentine's Day 2018

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

tifarah naava  unveiling naava

LOVE, I believe in it's various forms. One of them is female friendship/sisterhood, which I think is worth honoring. Because – the connection we have, the bond we created over the years, the unique magic, unforgettable humor, heartbreaking times, scary and truthful moments we've shared – from boyfriends and heartbreaks, girls night out during our college days, first adult jobs, evolving differently and finding ourselves differently. To creating families, struggling and owning our new lifestyle and careers we are making for ourselves. Well, we have been through a lot with our girlfriends and/or sisters. The ones, that over the years became family, sisters, soulmates and I think such sisterhoods are way to rare not to celebrate.

tifarah naava  unveiling naava

I wanted to keep our "SELF" the focus. I would try and schedule a dinner, movies, drinks, and convo - just something for us to do. Relationships come and go but to celebrate my girls was so important to me. Honestly, I really never was that girl who fully lost herself when it came to a relationship. My family and friends were very much at the forefront of things for me. I never lost sight of that.

So, in my earlier 20's, probably around 21, I started wanting to share a day (just me and my girls) for "Valentine's Day". For me, to be honest, they were like my first real loves and longest relationships. They are the ones that I went through hell and high water with or for. There were moments of "falling out" simply not understanding each other and our individual choices, and stages of growth. The heartbreaks weren't always from outside, they were also from within the sisterhood. But, all those trials and tribulations curated something amazing between us. And it's not over yet - at least I hope and pray!

We understand nothing is forever. Yet, it is sometimes hard to accept that some people are only for a reason and season. I don't like thinking about that because these 2 mean the world to me. I am the LION-NESS of the group. I am very protective and blunt. It's hard because, I struggled with "knowing" what's best for them and not wanting them to hurt themselves, and desiring them to become the great Goddess I see within them. And like anyone, when you spend a lot of time with someone you will get on each other nerves. So, learning to accept and deal with each other's personal nuances was very funny at times ...well, it still is. LOL. But, I wouldn't change anything. They call me out on my bullshit and I love them for it. They have qualities I admire and wish I had in some ways.

tifarah naava  unveiling naava

I appreciate what each one brings into my life. I hope they feel the same way. It's important that I show them the best way I know how - that I truly cherish them and who they are individually. I do this whether or not it's a day like "Valentine's Day".

I'm a natural just cause person. I find myself randomly buying them things, scheduling moments or just saying I miss you whenever I do. I'm even protective with them when it comes to their own family at times. It's strange when I'm thinking to myself "dang I need to grind hard, so, I can do this or that for them. Truth be told they are apart of my motivation with my career and lifestyle now. It was a process to learn not to take on their life in a negative way. When you are apart of me - you are apart of me. Loving them has taught me so much and I have learned so much about myself. YES, I can be very "CORNY" as TiFFANY says, or "MOM-like" as ROBiN would say.

So, while Valentine's Day is traditionally about love for your special someone, be it your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, it should also be about love for yourself first and foremost, love for your family, and love for your sisterhood. Putting together this shoot and having a "girls night in" was a way to celebrate them and sisterhoods all over the world.

tifarah naava  unveiling naava

After our shoot, I shared an activity with my girls. In Essence's mag for Jan 2018, I saw a " SEX & LOVE - Your Annual Review: Worksheet". Making sure my sisters have a good time wasn't the only important thing for me. Reflecting on our life and love was just as important. As well as, making goals and plans for our Life and Love for 2018. Oh, and maybe a girl trip or two! It was a nice sleepover event with music, drinks, laughter, inspiration and all those nuances, LOL!

I hope I can inspire you in Celebrating Valentine's Day with those special women who've supported you throughout the years. It's a great way to bring you closer and strengthen your bond. Let's make a toast to seasons, reasons, connections, chemistry, and choices.


I handed my girls a swag bag at the beginning of our shoot. Details are below:

-Custom Designed Necklace by J.Mspire (my mother and I designed) -Silk Sleep Mask -Love and Life Worksheet -Candy -Pictures (copies from our shoot)***

Let's say THANK YOU for Love, Forgiveness, Support, Growth, the Not so Perfect Moments & SISTERHOOD!!!!

tifarah naava  unveiling naava

photography by Ty Myrick Photography

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