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The Creative Mind | Liger Goddess

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

The Creative Mind | Liger Goddess unveilingnaava

Hey You!

Have you ever wondered what goes into my blog post and pictures. Well, I decided to share what I have learned thus far on my blog journey.

How many looks I do every time I take pictures? I try to shoot more than one look (2-4). Which means, I typically can have 2-4 different post and an outfit for each one. However, depending on the subject/theme - one outfit can be split into two.

So, this means having to bring all of my outfits and accessories with me. But, the one issue I run into is, not every place I take pictures has a restroom to change in. Meaning most of the times, I have to use my car or the photographers car as a dressing room. No matter the season, how humid or cold, I have to get it done. It can be a bit of a challenge but it so worth it when my vision comes to life.

I am so blessed that I can be creative like this every week. I thrive like this. Especially, when I get to share it with other creative minds - like my photographer friends, wardrobe assistant, hairstylist and etc. But, there are times when things can be challenging. Like when we can't control the weather, or a location isn't open to us shooting in their location or we start to attract a crowd.

There are also times when on site you get other ideas. Being flexible, I have found is important. I have learned to just let it flow. Sometimes, something better comes out of it. Creatively it can be hard to allow adjustments to your overall vision. Because there is nothing like having those "should have, could have, would have moments" with your ideas/visions. However, allowing yourself to be inspired while in the moment can be so amazing and fun. So,when something comes to mind - I say let's go for it.

Below, I have curated a few key points, I have learned thus far.


1. Good lighting and/or a good camera lens is key. If you are shooting indoors, make sure the place has the potential you need for natural lighting or lights. And always have your own light or reflector on-hand just in case.

2. Scout location beforehand. A week or a few days before - make sure to check out the space to get an idea of where you’d like to shoot and the vibe.

3. Permission, check with the owners if its okay to shoot at their space, and be friendly with the staff! You have the potential to build a real rapport with them that could lead to future collaborations and/or sponsorship.

4. Go-To Locations. There are 2 main areas that I love to shoot. But, I am also looking and scouting new potential spots on a regular day out. You never know what you might come across. If you really like shooting at the same spots like I do, try to take pics at different angles and make sure your outfit is different, or change the filter during the editing - that way the background scenery doesn’t get old.

The Creative Mind | Liger Goddess unveilingnaava

5. The Glow Up. It's official, 8/10 there is a good chance that people might start staring at you, crowding around, and start asking you questions. You might even get those few that shout out things your way or even flirt, lol. Just smile, answer them if you choose to and/or pay them no mind and just focus on getting those shots so you can leave quickly. Early morning are typically my favorite time to shoot because it tends to be less crowded. But, sometimes scheduling doesn't always workout that way.

6. Plan Ahead. Think of the theme/subject for your post and make sure you discuss inspiration shots with your photographer or team. Consider your style options with your wardrobe "assistant" (friend, mother, bf, spouse and etc"). Also, take test shots with your phone or with your photographer. Sometimes things don't photograph well or it might be see through with a light. You might feel you need to add or take away something. Also, think about your hair if possible and bring everything together and make sure you are truly happy. The worst is having to re-shoot when you could have avoided it with prep-work.

7. To Stay-cation or To Home-stay. I typically like shooting no more than 30mins from my home. But, when I am thinking of something special for a post, I consider doing stay-cations. If there was a place that I have always wanted to visit, now I have a real excuse to go. I know it would be a cool spot to shoot. Also, getting a hotel for myself at least once a year for the weekend is something I love doing. Just to break away for a while. You can relax in your environment, you are not rushed for time typically. You also, have a comfortable place to change. Plus, think of it as a beautiful treat to yourself.

8. Get Inspired. Inspiration is all around you always. From movies, magazines, music videos, paintings, other bloggers and don't forget your friends, family and your subscribers/supports. When I need some inspiration I love to look at those things for ideas. Or I have been thinking of things I always wanted to do, places I wanted to share, outfits I also wanted to put together, products I always wanted to try. Never underestimated yourself and everything around you.

The Creative Mind | Liger Goddess unveilingnaava

The Creative Mind | Liger Goddess unveilingnaava

The Creative Mind | Liger Goddess unveilingnaava

photography by SG3MEDIA

The Creative Mind | Liger Goddess unveilingnaava

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