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Homemade Smoothie Obsession | Charu Naava

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

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Hey You!

At some point in most of our lives we want to live not only better but healthier. Well, I am no exception. I have always enjoyed fruits and most vegetables as a child. So, as I have gotten older, I have come to love others even more. Getting older we deal with the affects that our eating habits and fitness lifestyle or lack there of has caused us. With all the hormonal changes my body was going through and etc...I noticed the more healthy, natural,  and organic I ate, the better I would not only look but feel. But working in certain careers it can be hard to keep a clean eating lifestyle.

However, I found my answer in smoothies...especially when on the go. I particularly enjoy " Arden Garden and Bolthouse Farms". These two are affordable and on the ground. You can find them in most grocery or health food stores. With all the variations of smoothies they offer within those lines, you are bound to find one that suits your immediate or just everyday needs. I also love making my own homemade smoothies and I definitely add these premade smoothies to them.  I will be sharing with you some of my favorite homemade smoothies, as well as, my favs from "Arden Garden and Bolthouse" in the future.

Below are 10 benefits of adding natural smoothies to your lifestyle:

1.Good Smoothies Are Nutrient-Dense & Contain Good Fat 2. Smoothies Help Keep You Hydrated 3. Better Than Multi-Vitamins 4. Get your Daily allowance of Fruits and Vegetables 5. Can aid in Easier Weight Loss 6. Overall Beauty Benefits for Hair, Skin, and Body 7. Strengthen your Immune System 8. Detox 9. Improved Digestion 10. Great on the go Meal...especially for Breakfast

smoothies unveilingnaava tifarah naava

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