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A new month has officially begun. Happy August! So, I have been feeling the need to withdraw from the social media world for a while. This month is my birthday month and I am planning a stay-cation or two. Also, if possible, I hope to take a trip out of state for a few days to visit a friend in a state I have never been to. Hopefully, those days will give me a little more of what I need.

Coming back from a previous little stay-cation last month put some things into perspective. I realize, I really want to take my brand Unveiling Naava to another level. I have to give it my best no matter what is going on. And sometimes things can happen that detour things I have planned. I know that “Consistency” is key with anything, if you want to see results and success. I have been looking for extra help; I really want to build a team but it can be a struggle sometimes. I need a few people who are as hungry as I am, and of course, I always pray for things like this. I don’t need an entourage but I need to keep working hard and there is nothing wrong with a little help. Working with others requires schedules working together, preparations, good communication, right locations, equipment, and a understanding of the vision or goal of the project. It's such a wonderful feeling when you find the right team. Being able to trust what each person brings to the table and having the confidence that they will be honest with you no matter what is also important. I am blessed to have some people I can call on. But, I am really ready for things to become solidified. Well, we all are. Knowing yourself and your brand is essential. You should vet people properly to make sure you guys are a good fit. However, sometimes things don't become clear until after you work together but that's okay too. Just know and understand that team work, truly does make the dream work.

What are somethings you have discovered in building your team?

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