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What Is Your Word or Phrase for 2018? | Naava Awaken

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

The word of the year unveilingnaava tifarah naava blog

Hey You!

Now that we are finally into Spring, we usually start thinking of words like: renewal, fresh, clean and de-cutter for organization. Well, at least I do. As I am nearing my 10 year anniversary for an important time in my life, I have been deeply evaluating myself. As mindful and self-aware as I like to think I am, I started doing something very different from my usual practicing of mindfulness and self love. I have so much more room to grow and am excited about the process.

One thing I’d like to share with you is - determining my personal word and/or phrase for 2018. I had never done this before? It was only in re-launching, re-branding myself and my blog at the end of 2016 that I first tried. It was new to me and really made me think and consider what I wanted from the year ahead and myself.

The word of the year unveilingnaava tifarah naava blog

What I learned is that, our personal word/phrase can help each of us in a few ways:

1. Provide focus and clarity to our year. Centralize all goals under one “word/phrase” umbrella.

2. Evaluate. We are already into the fourth month, and if you haven’t stopped to breathe for a second and see if you are on track for what your short term and long term goals are for this year - then you should.

3. Accountability. Making sure you meet your deadlines and take care of the necessary things. So, you can look back at your year, time and be proud of yourself this time. Take responsibility on were you are slacking and make the adjustments needed.

So, what is your personal word or phrase for this year?

Don't over think this. If you have a quiet, relaxing place with no distractions for at least 30mins to an hour - you would find that that word or phrase is laying right there within. Or maybe you have already been saying it randomly in conversations, to yourself and/or writing down at times. If you take the time now to discover what your inner self is saying, desiring, and put it to some type of plan of action, I believe you will reap the benefits throughout the year.

Your word/phrase for 2018 can literally be the seed that you need to set your year and life in motion.

I discovered my phrase for this year at the end of 2017. I didn't force it and honestly, I wasn't thinking about my word for the next coming year. But, during a simple conversation with a friend, I realized, I said ..."I want to fully "own" who I am and who I am becoming". I was amazed at myself for even saying that. But, that's how I clearly felt deep within. From that statement, I declare my phrase to be "OWN IT. OWN'n IT in 2018". That phrase empowered me even more. I felt, I needed and wanted to stay true to who I am and will become - never compromising my truth. I felt, I wanted to discover even more and grow in a new way I haven't yet. I also was determined that I was now ready for more and didn't need to wait or be on the man-made time line I had set. From that - new ideas flowed through for my brand, blog and just my entire life period. I see this phrase resonating with me and all parts my life… professionally, through marriage, in motherhood, etc… it somehow encompasses all the things for me.

The word of the year unveilingnaava tifarah naava blog

Here are a few words to think about. Which one or one(s) resonates with you?


How do these words feel to you? If you have a hard time selecting just one, think about 2-3 key words. For 2017, I had 3 words that resonated with me (Unleashed, Fearless + Freedom). Those words aided me throughout last year. Reminded me of my goals and kept me motivated.

In discovering your word/phrase you might need to consider your goals across your family, career, friends, hobbies, travel, life., etc. This is about you thou, so, stay true to what you know about yourself as of now.

The word of the year unveilingnaava tifarah naava blog

I want to hear from you, share your word/phrase for 2018 below and let me know what it means to you. Also, if you want to purchase the planner just click on the picture below.

The word of the year unveilingnaava tifarah naava blog

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