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With Lens, From Paris | Daisy Rey

Originally from France, Desiree enjoyed her ten years as a professional dancer and actress in Paris. Working in the spotlight, as well as, behind the scenes, there is nothing that she hasn’t seen or done in the entertainment business. From attending castings, headshot sessions, performing on stage, and then - finally discovering her true passion: Photography. She is an inspired photographer who has adopted New York City as her new home. In my own personal visit to New York City last year, I myself said, "New York should be a "right of passage" for all creative minds. I believe six months to a full year would provide so much growth and insight for artistic individuals". It seems for Desiree, she would agree. She has made NYC her personal "canvas" of sorts. With her optimistic personality and culturally diverse background, Desiree is naturally equipped with a different insight. Something she believes makes her different from any other photographer. I came across her beautiful black and white photography a couple months ago. I had to reach out and I am so grateful for her openness. Sharing her journey - to a purposeful and passion filled life. Checkout my interview below!

Daisy Rey photography unveiling naava


1. Were you named after someone? Actually my real name is Desiree. When I started photography I was looking for a name and I felt like changing it. I used my Facebook name Daisy Rey ( sounds like Desiree)

2. How did you get involved with photography? I started photography as a hobby. I was a dancer and actress in France and was always interested in what was going on in front of the camera. While practicing on my friends, one of them got booked for a job. That’s when i realized that there was something more to it to explore and develop.

3. What or Who inspired you? I find inspiration everywhere. In music, in people, in what I see or hear on a daily basis. When it comes to photography I’m a huge fan of the work of Mario Testing an the duo lUigi and Iango.

4. What did you want to be when you were a child? I wanted to be a ballet dancer, a baker then a lawyer. I ended up focus on dancing.Too much school was not my thing.

5. What were you doing before you started officially pursuing a career in photography? I was living in Paris, France. I was an actress.

Daisy Rey photography unveiling naava

6. What has been the hardest part in developing and maintaining your career so far? The hardest part for me is the business aspect of photography and marketing. I wish I could just take pictures all day long. But it’s really a business when you are a professional.

7. What would you tell your younger self when it comes to where you are now in life? Move your ass and work harder

8. What do you want to be known for? My talent

9. How would you describe your style of photography? My style is definitely studio photography, polished, clean and classy. I favor black and white as much as I can.

10. What have been 3 key points in branding yourself? Finding my style, stay consistent, put myself out there.

11. What advice would you give aspiring photographers? Master your craft, privilege the art over the gears, practice practice and practice.

"I have always been an artistic person and I can relate to my subjects and bring the best out of them in front of my camera. I have this gift to make everyone look beautiful with the dedication to provide the best images in the industry. My clients praise me for my technical and social skills, my excellent service, and above all, my flair for capturing true emotion." - Daisy Rey

Now for some fun questions.

12. What is your favorite piece of equipment? I love my lenses and my beauty dish.

13. What is your must have when you are in the studio or on location? No must have, it depends on the condition and what I’m gonna be shooting.

14. Who would be your ideal client? My ideal client is someone that I have fun with during the session and is so happy and grateful with the results. It can be anybody! I usually have these clients

15. How do you keep yourself motivated and positive? I keep myself motivated by looking at other talented photographers work, it pushes me to work harder and be better.

For more information visit @ daisyreyphotography

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