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Slates & Stilettos Brunch | Spring 2018

Going into the 2nd year of my "Unveiling Naava" blog, I had a theme for myself "Own'n It!" and the tag line is still "Self Love. Self Worth". Since the beginning of this year, it's been my focus and unconscious thought. I've been drawn to anything or anyone who resonates with it. I also said, I wanted to be apart or attend certain events, gatherings, conversations and etc revolving around it. Well, here enters Slates & Stilettos which, I was introduced by a fellow good friend in the industry here in Atlanta, Kim.

Kim introduced me to the founder of Slates & Stilettos, Shealynne (Shea) Falls. Slates & Stilettos (S&S), is an organization but also serves as a sisterhood, that provides practical tools, education, encouragement, scholarships and other resources for women of all backgrounds with a passion for the entertainment industry. S & S, plans to host an annual event to honor these women in the media and film industry.

Slates & Stilettos Brunch | Spring 2018

I appreciated the intimate atmosphere of this event, something Shea explained that was important for her for this annual event. You were able to really connect and meet everyone. It wasn't overly crowded to the point you were over-whelmed with everything. The women on the Panel each explained their personal journey to achieving the position they have now in their careers. There were opportunities for you to talk to the guest speakers and the founder of Slates and Stilettos for a little bit ...isn't that one of the main reasons you go to these types of events - I know it is for me. However, I do wish there was more time for a Q & A with the Panelist for the attendees to get more advice and insight on their own personal process.

Slates & Stilettos Brunch | Spring 2018

The Venue - The Pink Hotel

(hosted the event)

The Pink Hotel was a dope place, different "suites" so to speak, cool lighting fixtures, a little girls and photographers dream. There are so many shades of pink, (a color I don't typically care for). However, all the other cool elements within the space was so amazing. I felt like the longer I was there... the more I was being converted to the " Pink Side". It was the perfect venue for Slates and Stilettos Brunch debut.

The Panel

Slates & Stilettos Brunch | Spring 2018

Ebony N. Mayo - Filmmaker + Actress


Chivon - Founder, Pretty Girl Productions


January Curry - Casting Director + Writer



DJ Problem Child


Food + Dessert

@Sundryeventsandcatering - Food

@Bouqcakes - Desserts

Slates & Stilettos Brunch

photography by Hologram Productions

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