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Last year, as I was nearing my 35th, I was drawn to White. White what ? ...you say. White as a color...for my wardrobe mainly, my home...well, my life. And so, I started adding more white items to my wardrobe like never before. For my birthday last year, I had an all white party and I loved it. I have even bought all white dishes and dinner ware for the kitchen. White has become important and I don't fully understand why - but I'm going with it.

I put together an all White look and paired it with all Black accessories. Black being a staple color since my childhood - it's hard to get away from it. I believe the Black/White combination is a classic look. A look that can be worn all year around. I also finally found a Miuco Vintage Bamboo Bag that I really liked. This year, I am seeing more colors offered in this trendy Bamboo handbag. I purchased mine from Amazon. The quality and size of this handbag is perfect. I am very picky when it comes to trendy things. I see some things that are nice but I have learned my lesson with that. Just because it's nice or beautiful - whatever you want to call it, doesn't mean I'm going to actually wear it or use it. When I saw the trendy Bamboo handbag in Black, I knew right away that was more of my Naava Style. Like I mentioned before, I love Black. I'm going to let you know now, that you might see this bag a lot on my blog. Especially now that we are headed into the summer months. Miuco now has 6 colors available but they are acrylic material instead of Bamboo, however, the design is the same. I can honestly tell you that I don't think I've ever owned a bag that gets the amount of attention and compliments when I wear it.

At 11''x 8''x 3'', the bag is a great size for the everyday bag and is made of bamboo. Because of it's design, I would actually insert a small bag inside the purse to keep all of my contents nice and tidy. This black bag really is perfect for every occasion. From Spring to an easy transition into the the Fall. The bag can be worn to the beach - perfect to pair with a swimsuit and cute cover up.

Miuco acrylic bags are featured below. To purchase just click on the name. I'm already in the process of ordering the white one. I then ordered a pair of Black Palm leaves earrings to compliment my new bag. This look was perfect for a Spring day as I strolled through Atlanta's Beltline.

photography by ImajWork

Miuco Acrlyc Handbag

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