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God's Other Plans | Jenise McBride

Over 6 years ago, Jenise McBride, New York native from, Guyanese descent, decided that she was done with weaves, flat-irons, and relaxers and began her natural hair journey. Like many women who decide to "go natural," Jenise discovered there weren't many styling options. So, she decided to change all of that!

Mrs. McBride taught herself, and then mastered, the Versatile and Seamless Knotless Crochet braiding techniques, as well as other protective styles such as Faux Locs, Crochet Box Braids and Senegalese twists. As she began to practice her skills on family and friends, word quickly spread. In the blink of an eye, her protective styling business, Angelically Natural (formerly known as Angelically Kute), was born.

Now, equipped with her unwavering passion, healthy hair knowledge, and superb customer service, Jenise has changed the dynamic of the hair protective styling industry as we know it. Her innovative and forward-thinking, in creating "seamless hairlines," has led to an extensive roster of clients ranging from The Everyday Mom to The Sophisticated Elite, and rising Celebrities. She even began producing revitalizing hair oils to promote healthy hair growth.

Currently, Jenise is a sought after natural hair care protective stylist nationally and internationally. She travels booking clients in select cities across the country throughout the year and Educational Workshops teaching her Angelically Natural Seamless Crochet Method. I was introduced to her through another Goddess I interviewed last year and knew instantly that Jenise was my next Goddess. Checkout my interview with her below!

angelically natural Jenise McBride unveiling naava


1. Were you named after someone? Well my business name is not associated with my name. The name was Angelicallykute before I rebranded to Angelically Natural . The name Angelicallykute started out as a kids couture fashion line when I was in the fashion industry.

2. How did you get involved with hair care and styling? I’ve been doing hair as long as I can remember.​ Growing up I was always the go-to for hair. I actually went to college to become a radiology technician but God had other plans. I then transitioned into becoming “natural” and grew a fondness of crochet braids but wanted it to look as natural as possible and in doing that I embarked upon a journey to figure out a way of making the hairline Knotless and seamless as possible and that is how my Seamless Hairline technique was born.

3. What or Who inspired you? I’ve had several different influencers. 1​ being m​y Mom she has always been a hard working woman and determined. I’ve also been inspired by many other beautiful black women in the hair industry and entrepreneurs in general. Too many to name.

4. What did you want to be when you were a child? Lol, An actress! I still participate in theatre if I’m free which has been a rarity lately.

5. What were you doing before you started officially pursuing a career in the beauty industry with hair care?

I’ve always dabbled in the Arts and have been a Creator. I was in the fashion industry for a few years. My work have been featured on a few runways such as Atlanta celebrity kids fashion week, Taliah Waajid fashion show after dark and a few magazines.

6. What has been the hardest part in developing and maintaining your career so far? Man just keeping up. It’s so much more than just hair. The hair part is easy. The business side is another beast plus finding people to hire that moves with integrity and I would also say the hair industry is definitely one that you have to be pro-active in and always continue to learn and grow. With that being said maintaining balance in my personal life has been hard.

7. What would you tell your younger self when it comes to where you are now in life?

Embrace all your gifts and talents you never just have one. And go for whatever it is you want in life and don’t be sorry for it.

8. What do you want to be known for?

Mmmmm. I really just want to build a legacy to leave behind for my kids. I live to create a better life for my 3 and their generations to come.

9. What have been 3 key points in branding yourself so far? Building relationships/Networking, Social Media Engagement and Overall investing.

10. What advice would you give to aspiring hair care/stylist professionals? Set goals and be serious about what your doing and go for it. You can’t expect to get far without investing not only your money but your time. But also remember your human and don’t allow yourself to become a slave to your clients, set boundaries.

angelically natural Jenise McBride unveiling naava

Now for some fun questions.

11. Why did you choose to focus your talents on crotchet? Cause crochet is errything lol... when I first went natural I still wanted to wear my weaves but the way my hair is set-up my weave would be Malaysian, European whatever you wanna call it but my hair as soon as I sweat would be straight African American lol... so I sought after crochet so that I can get my weave and it still look natural with absolutely no leave out. My hair was fully braided and protected and I didn’t have to spend a lot of the money on high priced weaves and still be on fleek. Cause the lord knows I couldn’t possibly deal with my natural hair everyday and do all those natural hair requirements owning a full time business and Being a wife with 3 kids. I ain’t got tiiiimmme for all that lol

12. What is your must-have item when it comes to your personal style? Some nice accessories I would say. I don’t get to dress up much cause I rarely get to go out.

13. What is one tip in caring for our crotchet hair?

Ensuring that you put your bonnet on at night but each hair type requires different maintenance.

14. How do you keep yourself motivated and positive?

Just by surrounding myself with other inspiring, successful and highly motivated individuals. I am

Blessed to have colleagues such as Tiffini Gatlin and Dr. Kari Williams

15. Do you have any goals for the rest of 2018?

Yes, I plan to have my Online University Up and running teaching my crochet methods and partnering with others to teach protective styling courses and much more that’s in the making.

angelically natural Jenise McBride unveiling naava

For more on Jenise visit angelicallykute

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