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Beach Life: Must Haves | Summer | Naava Voyages

Hey You!

I’ll be the first to admit that my packing game has gotten better as the years have gone by. I was blessed to have a family that enjoys traveling and did it often. So, I learned at an early age how to pack but rules and regulations have changed a lot since the 90's. More than ever it's important to pack smarter and lighter if possible. In fact, up until 2012, the best word to describe how I approached packing, which often resulted in me bringing way more things than I actually needed, and/or forgetting to take some things ... would be " must-haves." Items I'm always wanting with me no matter what.

However, learning to package for certain environments is becoming more critical. The weather can be surprising in certain environments were typically it's consistent. I have learned packing layering items is always a smart thing to do. But, now we are in the summer season and for the majority of us, well, it's all about the beach life. Lately, I have been learning what my absolute beach getaway must haves are. And as they say, practice does make perfect I suppose, because in time, I’ve learned that when it comes to packing smart, versatility is definitely the best way to go! So, without further ado, here is my absolute must-haves. I mean you can’t do a beach getaway right without a packing list.


Sunglasses - a stylish protective accessory. We often focus on our skin and the affects the sun has on it but don't realize our eyes are just as important. I have found that I am always wishes I had sunglasses with with more than anything when on the beach. It will not only protect your eyes form the sun but also from the sand that might fly up but water and other things. I also need my music so bringing my Mini Bluetooth Radio is a must, protecting my skin with Sunscreen, and staying hydrated with a Water Bottle.

Wide Brim Straw Hat

Wide Brim Straw Hat - another stylish what to protect yourself from the sun. And this Texan Peach, will never turn down a good wide brim hat. I can wear this from the beach to dinner at night.

Versatile Coverup

Coverups – what I normally look for is something I can easily throw over a bikini during the day, yet something special enough I could wear to dinner at the beach at night. This High-low black and coral cover up dress is perfect for me. I can definitely dress this up and down.

Beach Bag

Beach Bag – the right beach bag is an outfit maker for me. Since bags tend to take quite a bit of space in a suitcase, I try to limit how many I take, so I often opt for one I can fit my main things in. This Bahamas bag was gifted to me from my mom after she came back from her trip.

Maxi/Flowy Dress or Skirt

Flowy dress or skirt – otherwise known as the item I tend to live in during beach getaways. Is pretty and practical, easy to wear and easily accessorized, I love a good tye dye, white dress or skirt to impress during the day thrown over a swimsuit and accessorize with a floppy hat and sunglasses.

Also, a straw bag for a purse. It's a simple chic accessory for your outfit that you can transition from day to night.

One Piece Suit

One Piece Suit – aside from the fact that monokinis are having a bit of a moment right now, I love a one-piece suit because let’s face it, most of the time it doubles up as a top. So, yay to another top option! Typical a fan of good basics, when it comes to swimwear, basic not so much. Having the right fit is obviously a priority numero uno, but cut and special little details, tend to be a close second. Cute at the beach, cute for poolside cocktails paired with denim shorts and a floppy hat, basically cute all around, so what’s not to love. I typically shop for beach wear on off season and I purchased this ruffled stripped one-piece back in December. Paired with shorts, skirts or linen pants, this ruffled swimsuit makes a perfect top option.

Tank Tops Tank Top – so good with shorts, maxi skirts, linen pants, and wraparounds, I love the fact that they can be easily styled and restyled for day or night. I often pair them with denim shorts or bikini bottoms during the day, and switch to a dramatic maxi skirt for an evening out. Oh, and if it happens to be off-the-shoulder, well, that’s just icing on the cake!

Versatile Slides With slides - comfort is key for me when it comes to vacation footwear, so a pair of cute flats is a must. Normally, I look for something with pretty little details, or embellishment to make them special enough for night, yet comfortable enough to run around during the day.

Beach Blanket

Using your beach towel for your blanket is a no-no for me. I found this beautiful fringed circle beach blanket and I can't get enough of it. Finding a beach blanket that's big enough for you to lay out and place your things on is a must. There are so many stylish beach blankets, so, take the time out to discover them.

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