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Who is Unveiling Naava ? | Liger Goddess

photography by Hologram Productions

Hey You! Namaskar!

Well, it's almost time for another anniversary since I have relaunched my blog. I'm celebrating three important anniversaries as we head towards the end of the year. Next month, I have two wonderful things to celebrate but I guess you’re wondering who Unveiling Naava is right? Well, let's get into it… the life of Unveiling Naava thus far!

My name is Tifarah Naava… a loner at heart but a spontaneous, independent, loyal, creative, genuine, playful, adventurous spirit, and mild comic-geek with an affinity to water, animals, international culture, wine and travel. I'm a self-proclaimed Texan Peach from Houston, TX. I believe in traditional roots with non traditional blooms. I am a freelance Art and Assistant Director currently specializing in entertainment and personal branding.

What’s the purpose of my blog?

I decided to blog back in 2011, to highlight underground talent, my passions, and hopefully cultivate my creativity. But, that didn't last. However, I have since rebranded and relaunched everything at the end of 2016. My ultimate goal became to explore and develop my creativity, cultivate my personal passions, and inspire people. This time, I wanted to focus on women of all nationalities and backgrounds. I aspire to inspire people in ways that can assist them in knowing who they are authentically and be proud of that. Trusting in their personal journey, instincts, and have the confidence to make decisions everyday that will be for their highest good. Hopefully, I can be a voice no matter what stage they are in life - that it's never to late to change things or make things happen. You just have to release the fears and co-dependencies you have while believing in yourself no matter what! That no matter where you come from you can achieve whatever you want with hard work, a positive attitude, and dedication.

Also, as I learn and became wiser, I wanted to share my journey with health, beauty, fitness, my spirituality, and relationships even. Taking a more natural approach in my daily lifestyle - helping people understand their health a little bit more, give fun healthy ideas to try, and encourage people to be the best version of themselves. Because life will have obstacles and sometimes we just need love and motivation.

With art, beauty, empowerment, lifestyle and wanderlust, I hope I create a powerful, inspiring, and relateable platform for anyone in need for what I am providing. It's been a fulfilling journey thus for and I am looking forward to the next 8yrs to come.

How did I get where I am today?

Well, it wasn't easy that's for sure. I will be sharing more of my journey in my up-coming Liger Goddess blog. But, just to give you a little something now, I worked hard for everything I have, and I take pride in all my achievements. I had to go through different things on different levels of my being. It was that whole man vs man, man vs self, man vs spirit, man vs society, man vs family and etc... However, I wouldn't change anything. Can't believe I can say that but it feels great to mean it.

What’s my education background?

I have background experience in theater and the performing arts. I graduated with degrees in Graphic Design/Multimedia and Business Administration and Management General. I am currently working on getting a Professional in Project Management (PPM) certification. It's something I feel lead to do and want for myself.

Do I enjoy blogging?

Short answer, Yes!

The things that I want to do and talk about, I am doing. The growth I have experienced creative wise, collaborating with others, birthing other ideas and traveling for it has been so amazing. I am currently working on taking the Unveiling Naava brand to another level. Making it a real lifestyle brand and another main source of income. Knowing I can work from home or anywhere in the world through this platform and make a living has major appeal. I have a working schedule when it comes to my blog. Blogging is my part time focus, so, my freelance work come first. This brand isn't just a creative investment.

I also think about moments when I'm not on set somewhere, I can be with my lifetime companion and children more. I can be present and attentive to them the way they need because I'm there. I look forward to making that adjustment and balance in my life. I really didn't know I would wake up so inspired and craving to do something new with my blog.

What is your favorite category of Unveiling Naava?

Wow, that's a hard one. I can't pick one category. However, my favorite part is just seeing the ideas come to life. Every category requires ideas and execution. I need to collaborate with others to make it happen to the standard I have in mind if not better. Going through that process and seeing the end results is my favorite. I honestly enjoy the process of it all. Whether it goes to plan or not. But, I am about to launch the Youtube version of my blog so that might become my favorite part. Incorporating videos into my blog.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little Q&A and learned more about the woman behind Uveiling Naava. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read and explore this universe I have created. I hope you stick around by subscribing. So, you can enjoy all the fun and success that is to come as we get ready to launch our Youtube channel.

Have a blessed weekend loves!

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on Fire!"


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