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My New Personal Manifesto: Allow & Be | Create Your Manifesto | Liger Goddess

Hey You!

As, I thought about celebrating my 10 year Anniversary of Rediscovering and Aligning of Self (8/8/2018), I realized that journaling and writing affirmations aided me greatly. So, around February, I began thinking what my manifesto would be for Tifarah at the Goddess year of 36. 10 years ago, I wrote Vows to myself. I married myself. You can read more about that here in "My 10 year Rediscovering + Aligning Journey ". Those vows I wrote, I'd realized were basically a manifesto, a verbal vision board or a preview for my inner Truth. I think it is only right that I create a new one for this milestone.

My New Personal Manifesto: Allow & Be | Create Your Manifesto | Liger Goddess

I wondered, if 36 year old Tifarah would feel the same way as 26 year old Tifarah? Does she still value and believe in the same things? Does she still disagree and have the same deal breakers? Does she still see herself and know herself the same? Does she still want the same lifestyle and counterpart for her life ministry?

I have been thinking about all these things lately - actually since I relaunched this blog, I have been re-evaluating myself on so many levels. However, this 10 year anni (8/8/2018) marked and manifesto has lead me to new depths. But, I will not back down. A lot of my fears have been conquered. I know that I will manifest/create what I write but more importantly what I feel and believe. Those are the things that will be revealed with this process.

I am definitely in a new place. Some of my core values are very much the same, some have be restructured, others do not apply anymore and others have taking a stronger presences for me. Some no longer apply because I have received them, experienced them, and I am living them daily. Some have been fined tuned- meaning I am able to be more detailed and clearer about them than I was before.

In the past, I didn't clearly know what I was saying, feeling, and believing. Then there are those, I know I don't want anymore, believe in or simply don't need anymore. And finally the new discoveries. Ones I never knew, I also wanted, believe in, and need. They have always been there deep inside thou but was caught in the superficial - temporary things. Things that have come to the surface of my awareness. Some of them really shocked me but honestly everything was so good. I say Infinite Intelligence(what you believe in) knows you better than you know yourself! Trust me...or don't! lol!

This is me now. Do I like her? Do I love her? Is this who I envisioned? Is this Tifarah I want to be? Will my divine counterpart see his true reflection in me? Will I be apart of his list, wish, and things he's prayed for? Will I be what he wants but more of what he needs? Will he recognize the I AM in me? Will he allow our connection to be and flourish?

My New Personal Manifesto: Allow & Be | Create Your Manifesto | Liger Goddess

To answer a previous self aware question about myself...

I absolutely like and love her! Me, Tifarah Naava. More than I thought I would and could as a 26 year old.

So, what is my new manifesto called ...

Allow and Be

This is where I am now. In another 10 years, I will do another one. And I look forward to her and the life she will have. The place, things, experiences that I wanted to have at this point are not all present. However, I understand and know better now. It is best that I didn't experience and have those things within the past 10 years. The timing... to start doing, being, having, and getting them at this point is better for me. Thank you infinite intelligence for knowing me better than I know myself. Thank you for all the experiences and healing that I needed in the past 10 years. I have received clarity. My spirit has guided me in the smallest and biggest ways through out my daily life. I couldn't be more grateful for it or happier.

Create Yourself A Manifesto

Manifesto’s are not just for businesses. You are the CEO of your own life – so why not create an empowering and freeing manifesto that expresses who you are.

A manifesto is a visual representation of you, it is your brand. It represents your dreams, moral, beliefs, and values. Writing your own personal manifesto is a creative process that helps you discover your true authentic self. As you write, you will be guided by your inner self to unveil your natural strengths, personality and abilities that make you, you. Through the sentences, phrases and/or words that you write, you will be delivered a message from the universe and your authentic self. Your truth will be revealed.

Create yourself a special space or go to a special place and set time aside for this important process. Maybe grab a glass of wine, brew a cup of herbal tea, sit on your patio, in your bed, open a window, soak in a tub, light a candle and/or burn your favorite oil. Now grab a pen and paper, find yourself a relaxing space. Now, ask yourself these questions and write your answers.

What is my life purpose? What do I want to do? What do I dream of accomplishing? How can I achieve my dreams? What do I value? What inspires me? How can I serve others? How can I inspire others? The world?

What you will not sacrifice?

What you will not tolerate?

Time to put your thoughts into a manifesto

There are no hard and fast rules. Now, give yourself a week or two and come back to reflect over what you have. See if the things you have still hold true for you. It might be a month or two before you have finally gotten to a place where what you have written seems true to who and where you are now. It's important to be as honest with yourself a possible in doing this. Now, its time to finalize your manifesto.

There many different ways to express your manifesto. It can be in a contact form to your self, visual, or very artistic. You can use pictures, words or phrases. You can sew, paint, draw or use a computer. Let your creative inspiration guide you. Make this an authentic creation. Often when you just get in the moment, your creative inspiration just takes over, and it all flows like it should. Drop all expectations and just go with it and see what you end up creating.

After you are done find a place to display your manifesto or keep in a location where you can easily read over it or see. Sometimes, your manifesto is so much a part of you that you don't need to this, however, when certain moment occur in life it's great to have when you need to understand why make or need to make the decisions you have made. Sometimes you manifesto can actually manifest thing sin your life. You can thing of them as another form of a "vision board".

My New Personal Manifesto: Allow & Be | Create Your Manifesto | Liger Goddess

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