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Up My Life | Sarah LeRose

Time and time again, ask me ....does it get old? No! When life continues to bring you across wonderful kindred spirits...I am grateful. I believe this craving will never truly be satisfied and I'm more than okay with that. This Goddess Revelation (doc-series) just gets better and better, while, bringing more surprises left and right. One of those surprises was meeting the lovely and vocally talented Sarah LeRose. I met Sarah while assisting directing a pilot for an up-coming series. From the on set of meeting her, I felt at home. Just straight up comfortable. There was this drawing feeling, I think we feel sometimes with people or things that we can't put our finger on. This petite beauty is a vocal jewel with the ability to write intriguing lyrics. Sarah blessed our series set with her vocals while filming in Atlanta, GA at Dream Cafe once owned by retired NFL Player Stevie Baggs Jr.

I couldn't wait to learn more about her journey to pursue her dream with music. The night we filmed was a bit of an official coming out for her and her band. Sarah finally reached this moment in life after growing through an unhealthy relationship and relocating to up her life for the better. She owns her trials and tribulations. Believing them to be for the greater good. Developing her faith and confidence has been essential thus far and continues to be. It's the reason things have gone up in her life. She desires to connect on an authentic level with her music. Bringing the same type of refuge that music gave her to others is a goal. Since her debut on our set in Atlanta, her band has been featured on a few other TV and movies sets in and around Atlanta like "Queen America". Sarah herself has shared the stage with Q Parker from the r&b group 112 and Wingo from Jagged Edge. It's with out a doubt, that this mother is determined to up her life despite the self doubt and emotional struggles of her past.

So, just keep your ears and eyes open for Sarah LeRose because she has just begun to share her story and jewels with us. And while your at it checkout my interview with her below along with her song " Special Lady".

Up My Life | Sarah LeRose


1. Were you named after someone? If you are referring to my first name, it came from the Biblical Woman Sarah so yes, but if you are referring to Lerose YES. my mom’s name is “Rose” and my grandmother’s name is LeRosa…….and My dad’s name is LeRoy ☺ So Lerose was clearly the right way to go lol 2. What or Who inspired you in music? Music is where I find peace, and I realize now more than ever that it’s a gift from God and it’s not really for me. My gift and purpose is to bless others through my voice and lyrics. As an adult, I just figured this out. 3. What did you want to be when you were a child? I've always wanted to be an actress and a singer! At a very young age I knew I's be a STAR! 4. What were you doing before you started officially pursuing your passion with music? Well I’ve been singing all of my life, however, I’ve been professionally recording my songs since I was 15… at that time I was still in school. Through the years, I’ve held a job and singing was secondary. Now, I take it more serious and I’m more prepared for a future in music, I teach full time but the schedule allows me to fully pursue my singing career. It doesn’t interfere that much at all. 5. What has been the hardest part and best part in developing your style and brand with music? The hardest part about this industry is figuring out your fanbase. Which makes marketing difficult if you don’t know who will like you. The best part about it is when you GET IT…..and people seamlessly catch on to you and respect the art and support you!

6. What would you tell your younger self when it comes to where you are now in life? OMG SOOOOO MUCH…… We don’t have enough time for that question!! If I had to sum it up, I’d say “Sarah, people are going to talk about you whether you are successful or not…… take the high road and focus on being successful because God has given you a REAL GIFT to share with the world and if you don’t use it you will lose it! 7. What do you want to be known for? I want to be known for my down to earth personality. I really don’t take things to serious and I feel that’s what makes me so likable. I love to laugh and party and I really love seeing others HAPPY! 8. Who would be your dream collaboration? Hands down Erykah Badu…….and Lauryn Hill is a STRONG secondary. Those ladies are SICK!! I love them both. 9. Do you have goal(s) left for 2019 with your music/band? Absolutely, lots of goals and changes that will be made this year. I won’t say to much, but at minimum my music is getting ready to touch the masses…. Stay Tuned 10. What advice would you give to someone aspiring a career in music? The best advice I can give is to TRUST GOD……then your GUT ☺ I feel that your passion and purpose will continually nudge you….until you tap into it. So whatever that is, don’t ignore. It will not be easy, because distractions/enemy/haters…… will make it their business to stop you, but you MUST pray and push through.

Up My Life | Sarah LeRose

Now for some fun questions. 11. How do you stay focused and positive while pursuing your music career? God Got Me!!! Then….. I GOT ME, that’s how! I have two little girls watching me, so Mommy has to make things happen and I do it with Happy Thoughts Daily and I keep Happy People around me………..the moment they show otherwise they must GOOOO ☺ 12. What do you do to prepare for a performance? Pray, Practice Vocal Techniques, drink tea, drink water, stretch and meditate 13. What do you do for fun or to relax after a performance? I shoot pool, I’m a pretty good pool player 14. How would you describe your personal style? I’m a cool chick, I love to eat, I love sports, I love music of course and I love competition. Whatever that may be, I’m going to try to win! I guess it’s the athlete in me ☺ 15. What would be the name of your first album? I am Enough! I’m here to encourage and uplift those that allow OTHERS to make you feel less than. It’ll be an album full of solutions, nuggets, motivational quotes for all Men, Women, Boys and Girls. It will definitely be powerful., trust me.

Take a listen to Special Lady by Sarah LeRose

Follow her on instragra @sarahlerose

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