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38, Issa Quarantined Birthday | The Greatest Gift

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hey You,

Well, who knew that I would live in a time where I would be celebrating my birthday during a world-wide pandemic. During my time in school and just with my own curiosity, I have learned about different pandemics throughout the world since it came into existence. But, I just never phantom that I myself would experience one. So, if you didnt know when March began there was barely a full week in when the world shutdown. It definitely was something out of a movie and so surreal for the majority of us I'm sure. All celebrations, moves, vacations, business plans and birthdays were immediately cancelled.

However, weeks into this thang there were people whom adjusted and adopted. And one of those things were the Drive- By Birthday Parades. I believe all over the world celebrating your Born Day is something ever race and culture loves to do. Because you have made it through another 365 days around the sun. That is something definitely to be grateful for.

This new normal is something that I think made most of us think about the small things and the people that truly matter the most. Well, at least that's what I hope it has done. I definitely had a plan for this birthday. See, I have returned to my traditional art roots so to speak. Something that was discovered through depression.

Anyway, my plan to have an art and wine party to showcase my artwork didn't happen. I was definitely disappointed but the upside was being forced to have a quarantine birthday takes a lot of pressure off. If I care about the wellbeing and health of others that is. At this point, my state has opened back up but there are social distancing measures and laws in place. Even then, I just didn't want to risk having my original plan. The outfits I bought and all the planned paintings started to change alil. And the one thing that this situation revealed to me was that I usually feel some pressure around my birthday because we put so much emphasis on them.

Although, its definitely not like it was in my twenties but there is this slight sense of pressure still. And maybe it was the whole thing about my art. Just me! Me being so happy to have it back in my life and I just wanted to share it so bad with others. But by the time the week of my birthday rolled around I was really at peace with having my drinks at home, eating a good meal in some comfortable clothes and candles lit. I'm a loner. I'm an artsy introvert extrovert.

However, my sister Dominique had another thing planned. She planned a small intimated dinner and it still included wine. And my other sister from another mother Robin joined us. I was still able to wear one of the outfits I had planned to wear originally for my art show. It was a nice surprise. I wasn't expecting that from her. She has her own way of doing wonderful gestures so this was a nice one that I know was out the norm. Thank you!

We had a nice dinner at Tin Tin - AIX, a French Cuisine and Wine Bar. There were only 17 people in the whole 2 part restaurant. This social distancing definitely gives you some VIP vibes, lol

Quarantine birthdays give you the time and space to really appreciate the people you do have in your life. The friends who never forget a birthday or the opportunity to make you feel special. The family who will do pretty much whatever you want as long as it’s on your birthday. It makes you appreciate the little things that bring you joy. I love someone whom knows me and loves me in the smallest of ways. Because that's how I also express my love language to others. But during this 38 birthday, it hit me even deeper than I already knew before: birthdays really don’t matter. Not as much as the people who are literally dying from a pandemic while other people think it isn’t real or isn’t as bad as they say or was created by a lab.

Celebrate what you want. But don’t feel obligated to do what others expect you to do. If you don’t give a shit about your birthday, who cares? Celebrate the things that make you happy. Its the opportunity to discover where the value of life for you and those around matters the most. I'm learning more how to love, be a friend, communicate and allow myself to be in my truth in the most simplistic of ways. Learn what and whom you can do with out. If you want to go all out for your birthday because it makes you happy, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

Issa a 38 Quarantine Birthday and the gift of more Self-Love, Self- Knowledge, Self-Confidence, Self-Respect, Self-Awareness....I just can go on and on has been the greatest gift thus far.

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